10 Beautiful Places to Live in England

Are you a visitor? Even in the busy towns and cities of the United Kingdom, you will never be short of exciting activities or . So, do not stay away from the countryside or coasts as England is providing much more than you can even imagine.For many individuals it is too tricky to decide which place is the best to live in England. If you are one of them, then this article is of great help. Here we are going to talk about the most vibrant places in England, Scotland and Wales. The transportation facilities are readily available, at reasonable prices. So, it is quite easy to travel around the city.Let us start the countdown of 10 unbelievable coolest location in England

10. Edinburgh


Edinburgh, as everyone knows, is the capital of Scotland. This city is beauty in a way that it has countless gardens and parks. Apart from that, we cannot ignore the fact that Edinburgh is located on the remains of one of the extinct volcanoes. The cosmopolitan city is famous for many of its attractions. It has International Festival and the street entertainers of Fringe Festival to make your moments special. Also here there are many museums, art galleries, and conservation area of Georgian houses. It is too easy to find a cost friendly apartment in Stockbridge and Comely Bank.

9. Kent


Kent should not be confused to be a city because it is not. This is, in fact, an entire country that comprises of beautiful and eye catching villages. It is situated close to London, so you are not going to face any problems to reach Kent. While your time here, do not miss the Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks which are just a few minutes ride away from Kent. Here accommodation is provided at reasonable prices. The villages are sounded by hills, and facilitate the people with shops, restaurants, and countless services.Its one of the niceast places to live in England.

8. Manchester


Manchester needs no introduction. It is widely famous for the football team and of course we cannot forget the beautiful music. It is often known as the ‘Capital of the North’. Manchester has combined fastest pace of urban lifestyle (cultures, restaurants) with countryside (the Peak District). This city has more than enough to offer you. It is having skyscraper Beetham Tower, one of the tallest buildings of the world.

7. Bristol


Bristol is yet another coolest city  in England. We can definitely call it mini-London, and Bristol is situated in the West Country. What makes this city special is the colorful and multi-cultural metropolis, many Victorian architecture, museums, surfing beach points at North Cornwall, five star and four star hotels, etc. Here you can spend time in Clifton where there are shops, restaurants, and several flats for rent. Nightclubs are spread everywhere in Bristol.

6. Glasgow


One of largest and most populated cities of Scotland, Glasgow hosts many top notch colleges and universities. It is not only the hub of students but also international tourists. This city is especially known for its cultures, traditions, and sports. On the banks of the river Clyde, you can find many bars, shopping centers, and food points. Get around via cheap taxis. The city has Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park only twenty miles away.

5. Birmingham


Birmingham is one of the biggest and major cities of England. It is present in the Midlands. Birmingham is where Britain’s industrial heritage came into being. This city is diverse in culture and traditions. Many people from Pakistan, India, and other parts of the world have temporary or permanent residents in this city. It has many apartments alongside the canals. Harborne and Edgbaston are some of the finest residential areas having schools, shopping centers and transportation facilities. Bourneville is a model village present on the southern side of the city.

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4. Cardiff


Cardiff is the Welsh’s capital. It is one of the major media centers and a major European city. Cardiff has beautiful hills like the Brecon Beacons in its northern side. Here you can approach Roath, one of lively areas, to get familiar with the type of lives people live. Residence at Victorian villas is also possible, but not always guaranteed. This city has many food points and water sports to make your moments special.

3. Brighton


Brighton is often called ‘London by the sea’ and it is because of its incredible, liberal lifestyle. This city has diverse population, and packed with theaters, music halls, shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. It is present in the southern coast and only an hour drive away from London. The vintage stores and designer shops are my favorite. Hove Park is one of the most prestigious areas here.

2. London


It is simply not possible to ignore London while talking about beautiful and popular places to live in England. This city has diverse culture, offering many facilities to its residents. London is made up of small districts, each with its own set of characteristics. Being a busy and populated city, it will not be easy for you to have an ideal accommodation in London, so we recommend reserving your room in advance.

1. Oxford

Radcliffe Camera Panorama

Oxford has topped many lists when it comes to talk about ideal city to live. This has enjoyed economic success. The city is so beautiful, attracting many eyes towards the west of London. Oxford has no short of colleges, bookshops, museums, food spots, and shopping centers. You can also visit the picturesque river Thames and the Oxford canal which are among the major attractions of the city. North Central Oxford is an exclusive residential colony here.