10 Best Female Cricket Players of All Time

Now, this is one sport that has been known as the gentlemen’s game. And surely it is! But what about the female counterparts of these gentlemen? Why should they be left out? We all know the big names in men’s cricket, but how under-rated are the women cricketers? Surely, a lot of them can give their male cousins a run for their money. Here’s count downing the best female cricket players in the world.

10. Karen Rolton

best female cricket players

Starting the list of 10 best women cricket players of all time at number 10 is Australian cricketer Karen Rolton. With 14 test matches and 141 One Day International (ODI) matches to her credit, Karen served as the captain for the Australian test from 2005-2008, and One-Day captain form 2001-2009. She has taken 14 wickets in test and 85 wickets in ODI. In 2006, she became the first ever ICC Women’s Cricketer of the Year. Her top score of 209 not out is still the third highest in test cricket. Karen is also one of six women who have scored a double-century in test cricket.

9. Sajjida Shah

Best Pakistan female crickter

Next up at number 9 comes Pakistani cricketer Sajjida Shah, who holds the record of best bowling figures in an ODI match. She took 7 wickets from 4 runs. She holds this record with fellow Pakistani cricketer Anam Amin. Sajjida also holds the highest 1st wicket partnership, along with fellow Pakistani cricketer Kiran Bluch, of 241 runs. She has so far played 2 test matches and 60 ODI matches, and has taken 51 wickets in ODI matches.

8.Jhulan Goswami

best women cricketer in the world

Grabbing the 8th spot on our list of best women cricketer in the world  is Indian cricketer Jhulan Goswami. ICC Women’s Cricketer of the Year 2007, Jhulan has played in 8 test matches and 141 ODIs (the third highest) and has taken 33 and 173 wickets (2nd highest) in them respectively. She has taken 50 catches as a fielder, the third highest in ODIs. She was the fastest bowler in the world since Cathryn Fitzpatrcik.

7.Cathryn Fitzpatrick

Cathryn Fitzpatrick

The 7th best female cricket player  is Australian cricketer Cathryn Fitzpatrick. With 13 test matches and 109 ODIs under her hat, she holds the record of taking the most number of wickets in ODIs, with a whopping 180 wickets. She has also taken 60 wickets in test matches. Her bowling average in test and ODIs are also among the top of the charts, with 19.11 and 16.79 respectively. Also, this lady is the world’s fastest women pace bowler, bowling at a speed of 125 km/h.

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6.Rebecca Rolls

Rebecca Rolls

Next up at number 6 is New Zealand Cricketer Rebecca Rolls. Having played in 1 test match and 104 ODIs, Rebecca holds the record of most dismissal by a wicket-keeper in an ODI match, standing at 133 dismissals, along with 89 catches and 44 stumpings. She is only the second woman from New Zealand after Debbie Hockley, to be capped 100 times in ODIs. Now, cricket is not the only chapter where she excels, Rolls is also an accomplished football player.

5. Rachael Heyhoe-Flint

greatest women cricketer


Breaking into top 5 on this list of greatest women cricketer  is English cricketer Rachael Heyhoe-Flint, who was the first ever captain of Women’s ODI for England, from 1973-1976, and also served as the captain for the test matches in 1966, 1968-1969 and 1976. She played 22 test matches and 23 ODIs, with her top score in them being 179 and 114 respectively. Her career run of 1594 runs in test matches is the third highest in the world. Also, she holds the distinction of having the highest batting average in ODIs with 58.45 runs.

4.Mithali Raj

Indian top female cricketer

Coming in at number 4 is Indian cricketer Mithali Raj, Captain of Indian cricket team, Mithali has played 10 test matches and 158 ODIs and has scored 663 and 5029 (second highest) in them respectively. She is second highest individual scorer in test cricket with 214 runs and with 10 double centuries in test cricket, is tied with Australia’s Joanne Broadbent at second position for the most number of double centuries in test cricket. She has scored 42 fifties in ODIs, the second highest in history. And to top it all, she has played 158 ODIs, also the second highest.

3.Charlotte Edwards

Charlotte Edwards

Getting the 3rd spot on our list of 10 best female cricket players is English cricketer Charlotte Edwards. Holding the record of most ODIs played with 188, she is one of the most beautiful women cricketer . In ODIs, she is the 2nd highest individual scorer, with 173 runs not out; also, her total career run of 5885 is the highest; she is also the most centuries and half-centuries scorer, with nine 100s and fifty-five 50s; and she also holds the record, along with fellow English cricketer Lydia Greenway, of the most catches by a fielder. Whoa! You think that’s enough? Wait, we didn’t even begun her records in test matches. In test cricket, she is the second highest individual scorer with 1676 runs; the second most number of 50s scored by a player with thirteen 50s (along with England’s Rachael Heyhoe-Flint); the second most number of 100s scored by a player with four 100s (along with four other players); and has played 23 test matches (the second highest). Charlotte was also named as ICC Women’s Cricketer of the Year 2008.

2. Belinda Clark

10 best female cricket players

Grabbing the 2nd spot is Australian cricketer Belinda Clark, who is the highest scorer in a calendar year in ODIs, when she scored 970 runs in 1997. She is also the third highest career runs in ODIs, with 4844 runs. Besides, she also holds the record of having the highest individual score in ODIs, with 229 runs, not out. She is also the first female player inducted into the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame in 2014.

1. Betty Wilson

10 greatest female cricket players

At number 1 on our list of 10 greatest female cricket players  is Australian cricketer Betty Wilson. She holds the record of the best career bowling average with 11.80 runs. One of the earliest pioneers in women’s cricket, Betty also took the second highest number of wickets in the history of test cricket, with 68 wickets.  She is also credited for making the first ever hat trick in a women’s Test. Besides, she is the first cricketer, male or female, to score a 100 and take 10 wickets in a Test. She could bat, bowl and field like no other and we have yet to find a match like her. Here’s to a legend!