10 Best Selling Authors of America

This article compromise of most successful authors in world, In America you can find a lot of book worms who think that there is nothing like reading books. A good book gives constructive lessons, or it can be adventurous. In any of the ways, an author tries to keep his readers engaged throughout. American authors especially have firm grip over writing flawless books, whether they are romantic, horror, or of another niche. As a result of this, they have become among the bestselling in the world. It is, however, not possible to give information about exact sale figures. According to several resources, following are 10 best selling authors of America with most earning through their writing careers..

10. R.L. Stine

Successful authors in America


Robert Lawrence Stine is credited to have written over three hundred books for both kids and adults. There are many of his books that were sold millions of times, the best being Goosebumps series with over 300 million sold copies. Some of Stine’s other writings are Fear Street and Dangerous Girls. He has always tried to write in friendly tone, didn’t scare kids with his stories. He is the author behind the adult horror novel, Blind Date, released in 1986. Stine has promoted children’s literacy at multiple events in America and Europe..

9. Stephen King

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In 1973, Stephen King used to work as an English teacher in Maine. But today, he is regarded as one of the best selling novelist of all time in America. This man began writing his first novel, Carrie, and had accepted an advance of $2,500 for this piece. Within a few weeks, Stephen became a well recognized author who sold the reprint rights of Carrie, netting $200,000 royalty check. Some of his other works are Salem’s Lot, The Shining, The Dead Zone and The Stand. He has written more than fifty novels, and two hundred short stories.

8. Gilbert Patten

Best Selling Books of All Time


Gilbert Patten (1886-1945) long remained an unknown author to many readers. Still he has contributed many pulp-fiction novels for young boys and girls. Many of Patten’s works were sold at international level. One of his popular characters was Frank Merriwell, a handsome and solidly middle class. Gilbert’s stories are always interesting. Over 500,000 copies were sold during a week, and Gilbert made millions of dollars.

7. Horatio Alger Jr.

America best novelist


Horatio Alger Jr. wrote several amazing books in the late 19th century. Some of his works range from rags-to-riches stories to characters that strengthen our lives. His popular novels are Ragged Dick; or, Street Life in New York with the Boot-Blacks, published in 1868, and many more. Alger’s estimated book sales are 400 million copies.

6. Louis L’Amour

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At his young age, Louis L’Amour had interest in becoming a poet, but eventually he became an author. Today, Louis is named as one of America’s most highest paid authors. He has written many western novels, and always draws the attention of his readers towards some positive points. His first short story was published in 1937. By the time of his death in 1988, when Louis was of 80, he had written over one hundred novels. He has successfully  sold more than three hundred million copies.

5. Dr. Seuss

Famous American novolist


Theodor Seuss Geisel was not a doctor by profession. He was a drop out of doctorate program of Oxford and became an author. During 1950, America faced literacy crisis as many children there were unable to read. Blames were put on officials because editors and publishers viewed that people are being provided with low quality books. Dr. Seuss came in front and began publishing his own books. The Cat in the Hat, published in 1957, changed the fate of many. Before his death in 1991, Seuss published 44 children’s books, and has 500 million sold copies.

4. Harold Robbins

Harold Robbins


Harold Robbins was an orphan who succeeded in escaping from the foster-care system during childhood. He began doing several small jobs, and today has become a self-made millionaire and considered to be on top of the list for best selling authors in America. He is a stock market expert by profession, but has written several books. Robbins published his first book in 1948 and continued writing till 1957. According to an estimate, Robbins has published over thirty novels, and has estimated book sales of 750 million copies.

3. Sidney Sheldon

biggest selling authors of all time


Sidney Sheldon was a prolific and popular novelist. He spent much part of his life in writing for Hollywood. He has written 25 major screenplays such as Annie Get Your Gun and The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer, for which he received the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in 1947. Apart from that, he has written for shows such as The Patty Duke Show, I Dream of Jeannie and Hart to Hart.

2. Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz


Dean Koontz has been known as an American author with over 100 published books. He has seen sales of more than 400 million copies. He wrote much for children and never cared of the plots, leading many of the readers to be unhappy. Still, Dean is among the best!

1. Danielle Steel

Best Selling Novelists of All Time


Danielle Steel loves to write romantic and thriller novels. She married five times. She was of 26 when she published her first book, Going Home. She has written more than one hundred books and enjoyed between 600 million and 800 million sold copies. She is known to hold the Guinness World Record for most consecutive weeks on NY Times Bestseller List.She is considered to be the most successful authors in the world.