10 Deadliest Highways in the World

Can you name which are 10 deadliest highways in the world? The most dangerous highways, without any doubt, are beautiful enough and give interactive driving experience to those who love adventures. Going through these roads can be difficult for a new driver. So, if you are the one, we suggest you to stay away because these highways have caused several accidents since the day they have been built.One which we have not talked about in the list is the North Yungas Road in Bolivia that is termed as the Death Road. Another one is Scotland’s A726. All these highways have given much fear; some are cliff top single track roads, some laden with bandits and there are many all over the world.


10. N2, South Africa


This is also famous as the Settlers Freeway. The N2 in South Africa is currently a dangerous stretch road of the country. The danger involves in the way this road has been constructed. Drive carefully and pay attention to navigate the road correctly. Drivers here do not care much of the driving rules, thus have contributed to 13,768 annual deaths.

9. Federal Highway 1, Mexico

130314-Federal Highway1-vjp

This Mexican highway features sheer drops into the sea, winding roads and drivers with dangerous overtaking maneuvers. It looks like a wild snake, having unpredictable ups and downs that prove to be a nightmare for foreign drivers of trucks, personal cars, and commercial buses. Here there is no need to pass a driving test, but we still wish you good luck as the highway may prove to be life threatening, in case you are a careless driver.

8. Bakhchysarai Highway, Ukraine


This highway remains covered with snow and ice during winter season. The weather here is too cold and dry that you would hardly find where the road leads you. Its steep drops do not look like fun as many adrenaline junkies may think. The road is 77km of 50 spectacular hairpins with extensive bends and scenery. While driving here, keep in mind one thing that you don’t need to see the beauty of nature that surrounds this road, because that can cause road accident.

7. James Dalton Highway, USA


Also known as Haul Road, the James Dalton Highway is widely known for the high winds that are blasting to carry smaller rocks towards the isolated locations. It is one of the most dangerous highways in the world. It stretches 414 miles from Fairbanks to the North Slope of Alaska. A helicopter has been patrolling the road so that annual deaths of about 3000 can be stopped at this American highway.

6. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China


It is never too good to drive on this highway. The reason is it is too dangerous, constructed strangely. This has taken lives of several villagers and deaths have never stopped completely regardless of the fact that the government of China applies strict rules to drive on this road. It is full of steep drops, tunnel twists, turns and dips which you need to avoid at any cost. The road’s name means ‘Road that can tolerate not a single mistake’.

5. Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand


Before you consider driving through this road, you need permission of New Zealand government as this badass mountain road is too scary. It has been a narrow road, which means two cars cannot drive along side through it. So, you have to go in a lane of cars. This New Zealand only has 375 annual road deaths, so is comparatively safer but does not look the same at first glimpse.

4. Trans Siberian Highway, Russia


This highway has long maintained its repute for being one of the deadliest in the world. The Trans-Siberian Highway conditions vary greatly from well-surfaced highway to dirty track. Here you can experience a lot. No other Russian road can provide you the same surprising experience. If you survive through the ups of the roads, its downs may have much rain to make you suffer from flood. Here around 26,567 annual deaths take place.

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3. BR-116, Brazil


This is a badly maintained stretch of road. Its other names are the Rodovia de Morte, and/or ‘Highway of Death’. Thousands of deaths have taken place here. According to an estimate, annually 37,594 accidents take place here. What an amazing thing that still many people love to go through this Brazilian road!

2. Pan-American Highway, USA / South America


High temperature, landslide, livestock on the road and difficult to pass sections are the key characteristics of this USA road. It is large enough to pass through 10 countries and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest road of the world having 30,000 miles.

1. Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road

Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road, Greece 2 (Medium)

It is may be difficult for you to spell the name of this road. Sheer drops without any guards, big potholes, and loose gravels all make the Patiopoulo-Perdikaki road a dream that is better to not come true. It is one of the most avoided roads. It has fewer cars and risks of losing life are always high. No one is going to guard you how to drive safely on this road, so we recommend to stay away from it.