10 Greatest Indian Batsmen in Cricket World

When to comes to cricket, India is home to some of the best batsmen the world has ever seen. These batsmen have been one of the greatest factors in making India one of the top dogs in the spectrum of international cricket.We already covered top 10 best female players of all time. Today, we look at the best of the best among them. So, here’s presenting the Top 10 best Indian batsmen ever in cricket world.

10. Mahendra Singh Dhoni


Kicking off the list at number 10 is Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who also serves as the current captain of the Indian ODI (One Day Internationals) and T20 (Twenty20 Internationals) team. Having debuted in 2004, Dhoni has so far played in 90 test matches, 267 ODIs and 52 T20s with having scored 4876, 8743 and 874 runs in them respectively. He has scored 6 centuries and 33 half-centuries in test matches and 9 centuries and 60 half-centuries in ODIs. This former Indian Railways employee is not only easy on the eyes, but is a chartbuster too. His career batting average of 52.41 in ODIs, is the fourth best figure in the world. In 2011, Times magazine included him in its list of “Most Influential People in the World”. In 2015, he was ranked by Forbes as the 23rd highest paid athlete in the world. He was named as ICC ODI Player of the Year in 2008 and 2009, becoming the first person to achieve this feat twice. It was under his captaincy that India won the 2011 Cricket World Cup, and in became the most successful Indian Test captain when his team under his captaincy won 21 out of 49 tests. He been captaining India since 2007 for Odis and T20s and for test matches, he was the captain from 2008-2014.

9. Kapil Dev


Next up at number 9 is Kapil Dev, the man who captained the Indian cricket team to win the 1983 World Cup. His score of 179 not out is the 7th best individual score in ODIs, which he achieved in 18th June 1983 in that year’s World Cup. He has played in 131 test matches and 225 ODIs. He has scored 5248 and 3783 runs in them respectively. He is the only player in the history of cricket to have taken more than 400 wickets (434 wickets) and scored more than 5,000 runs in Tests. He is one of legends who shaped Indian cricket in order to become one of the biggest force in cricket world. He served as the captain of the test matches from 1982–83 to 1983–84 and 1984–85 to 1986–87.

8. Mohammad Azharuddin


At number 8 is Mohammad Azharuddin, who served as Indian test team captain from 1989-90 to 1996 and 1997-98 to 1998-99. Having played in 99 test matches and 334 ODIs, he has scored 6216 and 9378 runs in them respectively. He also made 22 centuries and 21 half-centuries in test matches and 7 centuries and 58 half-centuries in ODIs. He held the record of having the highest career run scores in ODIs (9378 runs) for more than 3 years, until Sachin Tendulkar broke it. His record stands at the second best now. Under his captaincy, India won 91 ODIs, the second best till date.

7. Sunil Gavaskar


Number 7 on this list is Sunil Gavaskar, who served as the captain of the Indian test team in 1975-76, 1978-79 to 1979, 1979-80, 1980-81 to 1982–83 and 1984-85. On 7th March, 1987, he by becoming the first person to cross the 10,000 run mark in Tests. He is one of the eleven people to achieve this feat, and his score (10122) stands at the 11th best right now. He has played in 125 tests and 108 ODIs having scored 3092 in the later. He has scored 34 centuries and 45 half-centuries in tests and 1 century and 27 half-centuries in ODIs. He has an impressive batting average of 51.12 in tests. He set world records during his career for the most Test runs and most Test centuries scored by any batsman, the later one of which he led for almost two decades. He is also considered one of the best opening batsmen in the history of cricket.

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6. Virat Kohli


Next up at number 6 comes Virat Kohli, the current captain of Indian test team. He was named ICC ODI Player of the Year in 2012. He has played 37 tests and 165 ODIs so far, having scored 2794 and 6824 runs in them respectively. He has scored 11 centuries and 11 half-centuries in tests and 23 centuries and 34 half-centuries in ODIs. This current heartthrob has an impressive batting average of 50.92 in ODIs, the fifth best in the world. He is tied with South Africa’s AB De Villiers at number 5 position of scoring the most number of centuries in ODIs (23).

5. Sourav Ganguly


Breaking into top 5 is Sourav Ganguly, who captained Indian ODI and test team from 2000-2005. He is one of only 11 players to cross 10000 run mark in ODIs, and the 8th best to do so, with his career score of 11363 runs. He has played 113 tests and 311 ODIs, and has scored 7212 runs in the former. He has made 16 centuries and 35 half-centuries in tests and 222 centuries and 72 half-centuries in ODIs. His also has the 2nd best figure when it comes to most runs in a calendar year (1767 runs) in ODIs, which he did in 1999. He has made 190 sixes in his ODI career, the fifth highest in the world.Gangulay is one of the best Indian batsman of all time.

4. Rahul Dravid


Coming in at number 4 is Rahul Dravid, who had fans drooling over him for years. Rahul served as the captain for the test and ODI team from 2005 to 2007. Having played 164 tests and 344 ODIs, he is only one of 7 persons in the world who has crossed 10000 runs in both tests (13288 runs, 4th highest) and ODIs (10889 runs, 9th highest). He has made 5th highest number of 50s (83) in ODI, a record which he hold along with Pakistan’s Inzamam-ul-Haq. He has made 12 centuries in ODIs. In test cricket, he has scored 36 centuries (5th highest) and 99 half- centuries (4th highest). His calendar run of 1761 runs in the year 1999 is the third highest in the world. In tests, he has a batting average of an impressive 52.31.

3. Virender Sehwag


The 3rd best Indian batsmen is Virender Sehwag, who is one of only 4 persons to make triple centuries twice in test cricket. He scored 25 fours in ODIs in an innings, the second-highest scorer along with Sachin Tendulkar. H scored the 2nd fastest double century in ODI history having faced only 140 balls. He also holds the 2nd highest spot in the highest individual score in ODIs, when he scored 219 runs on 8th December, 2011. He has played in 104 tests and 251 ODIs, having scored 8586 and 8273 runs in them respectively. He has made 23 centuries and 32 half-centuries in test cricket and 15 centuries and 38 half-centuries in ODIs. He has an impressive batting average of 49.34 in test cricket.

2. Rohit Sharma


The 2nd best Indian batsmen is Rohit Sharma. Having played in 14 tests and 151 ODIs, he is a force to be reckon with and has already accomplished more than most of his contemporaries can imagine. He is the record holder of scoring the highest individual score in ODI, which stands at 264, which he did on 13th November, 2014. His score of 209 in ODI in a match is also the 5th highest in the world. He is also the first man to achieve two double hundreds in ODI. His obtaining of double century from 151 balls is the 4th best in the world. Along with two other players, Rohit holds the record of scoring the most number of sixes (16) in an innings. His score of making 33 fours in an innings is the highest in the world. He is one fella to watch out for!

Sachin Tendulkar


Finally at the top of the list and with the title of India’s best batsmen in cricket is the legendary Sachin Tendulkar. Now where do we start? He has records at every hook and corner. He is regarded as the greatest batsman that has walked the earth. His scores of 15921 runs in tests and 18426 in ODI are the highest ever in each field. This also makes him the only player in the world to cross 30000 runs in international cricket. He has played 200 tests and 463 ODIs. He has scored 51 centuries and 119 half-centuries in tests, both of them are the most ever in the world. His 1894 run in the year 1998 is the highest run in a calendar year by a person. He scored 25 fours in an innings in ODIs, the second highest in the world, a record he shares with Virender Sehwag. He has scored 2016 fours (the highest) and 195 sixes (4th highest) in his career in ODIs. He scored a double century from just 147 balls, the 3rd fastest in ODI history. He also holds the record of making the most number of centuries (49) and half-centuries (96) in ODIs. His score of 200 not out is the 3rd best individual score in ODI, which he did on 24th February, 2010. He is also the only person to score 100 centuries in international cricket. He is not only the best Indian batsman, but the best batsman of all times in the world. And his humbleness only adds to his number of feathers on his hat.