10 Highly Luxurious and Amazing Jets in the World

Just a few decades ago, it was like a dream comes true to have the chance to fly in an airplane. These days, every rich man has his own private jets which he uses to wander into the skies with family and friends.Usually the popular people go on flights on weekly or monthly basis. Passengers always love to take to the skies for getting from their homeland to an interesting place of the world.Some private jets are very beautiful, and amazingly constructed, while others are known for being costly. They are thousands in numbers and are privately owned by riches. Let us check out which are the 10 highly luxurious and amazing jets in the world.


10. Bombardier BD-700


The approximate cost of this private jet is $45 million and it is one of the most expensive private jets in the world. The Global Express or The Bombardier BD-700 is Bill Gates’ personal choice for flying— but is not made for personal causes. The famous person uses it for activities related to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It is heard that he has spent much on making the jet luxurious and a safe flying experience. The potential travel destination is Silicon Valley because Mr. Gates makes sure to install latest technologies firstly on his jet, before it could be

9. Sukhoi Superjet 100


The Sukhoi Superjet 100 seems to be one of biggest having great seating capacity. At $50 million, it’s only suitable for Sukhoi. The interiors of the jet are extremely pretty, attracting eyes of many of us. The potential travel destination is Ibiza and others which are mostly known for their wild environment. The plane has seats for around one hundred people. It means you can bring your many friends while travelling to a distant tourist attraction.

8. Bombardier Global 8000

Bombardier Global 8000

Bombardier Global 8000

At $66 million, this private jet is boasting to have lowest fuel burning engine and lowest emissions ever. It is speedy enough to tear off your mortal enemies in no time. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, and others are better to own this because it is worth their flying experience. The potential travel destinations include parts of North America. This is a proud jet to lead you to greenish and lavish places, showing you the utmost of nature.

7. Airbus ACJ319


It is a modern-style and luxurious airbus, quite better than other jets. It has an en-suite bedroom located at the rear of the aircraft, which is helping the owners to save both time and money because this can be used as a private accommodation. You must go for it if you are fed up of the hotel charges and want to spend life somewhere privately. The potential destination of this airbus is London. Have tea time with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip if you can afford to spend almost $80 million.

6. Boeing 757


The Boeing 757 is widely used as a commercial airplane. If you are Donald Trump, not everyone should have access to the plane’s beautiful, gold-plated seat belts. The cost is $100 million. The airplane is being owned by Paul Allen, Microsoft’s co-founder. The potential destinations include America especially New York, Europe especially London, and other world’s parts. So, are you ready for a dreamy flight through this airbus?

5. Boeing 747-8 VIP


The Boeing 747-8 VIP literally looks like a portable place to live in. The reason is this jet is quite spacious, giving much comfort indoor. The interiors of the airplane are very attractive. It is owned by a Saudi Arabian riche and trust me he spends much for the renovation of the plane that already costs $150 million. It is also owned by several royal families of UAE.

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4. Airbus A380


The Airbus A380, at $300 million, was shelled out superbly. It is a lively looking airplane. It has been purchased by Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal for his personal causes. The plane has gold plated look, elevators, and lots of facilities. It can freak anywhere in the world.

3. Dassault Falcon 900


Not only is the Dassault Falcon 900 very luxurious, but also it is fast and sleek. The airplane is capable to fly at high speed of five to six hundred per hour. It is known to use significantly less fuel and carbon footprints than the other jets of the world with similar seating capacity.

2. Boeing Business Jet 2 A.K.A “the Flying Hotel”


The Boeing Business Jet 2 looks just like an ordinary travel jet but it is actually a luxurious one. It has so many features that are difficult to enlist here. Both inside and outside of the plane are attractive. It has one thousand square feet of lounge, comfortable furniture, a bedroom suite and rich amenities that you had ever dreamt of. The airplane looks like a five star hotel room, or you may name it a flying hotel!

1. Gulfstream G650


The Gulfstream G650 has topped our list. It is one of the most popular luxury jets used by celebs and rich famous persons. It is popular for its unique design and luxurious indoor. The manufacturers are expected to make a seven million dollar profit on every sale. Yes, the plane has not been marketed so far and is expected to arrive anytime in 2017.