10 Impressive Naval Forces in the World

Are you interested to know which countries have finest navies? Having well versed naval force means a country has maintained its global status. For this, the government has to spend thousands of dollars every month.It has been observed that there is extreme lack of major international conflicts of global implications, which has led the governments to think of serous plans so that naval forces can be funded properly for maintenance and regular functioning.Naval force is one of the branches of a country’s armed forces. The aim of this force is to provide the people with amphibious warfare. The officers undertake multiple operations such as minor wars against rivals present on rivers, oceans, and lakes.For a country, it is very important to keep its naval force in active form. Here we have come up with the list of 10 impressive naval forces in the world.


10.Republic of China Navy

The very first naval army we are going to discuss is the Republic of China Navy. Its goal is to provide protection and defense to the territories and sea boundaries of Taiwan. Some of its major operations include maritime perambulations in the Taiwan Passage and surrounding water. It also undertakes operation of counter-strike and counter- invasion, and has been operating since 1924. The army has around 38,000 personnel with 48 total Warships.

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9.Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force


The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force is one of the main marine branches of the Japan Self-Defense Forces. It was founded in the year 1952 with the main tasks of the Japan Maritime to controlling and protecting the sea lanes of the nation. It also provides safety to the regional waters. It consists of 45,800 officers and has 114 ships, making it an incredible force of the country.

8. Marina Militare, Italy


The Marine Militare is an Italian naval force. For those who often ignore force of Italy on the high seas, this is a big proof that Italians are not behind the race to protecting their water boundaries. It is one of the largest navies in the world. It is a relatively new naval force, having fewer aircraft carriers, destroyers, frigates, submarines as well as amphibious assault ships.

7. Republic of Korea Navy, South Korea


South Korea is proud to maintain its large naval force named as Republic of Korea Navy. Thanks to the strong financial condition of this nation due to which funds are readily provided to the naval officers. Korea has so much money that even common people can initiate funding projects to support their forces. It was founded in 1945. It consists of around 68,000 active personnel and 170 custom-built ships.

6.French Navy

The French Navy is one of the oldest and most popular naval forces of the world. It came into being during 1624. Some of the major duties include protection of the population close to sea sides, maintenance of intelligence, prevention of crisis, and re-establishment of peace within the state. Currently it consists of 38,643 active personnel and 98 ships which together make it a powerful naval force.

5. People’s Liberation Army Navy

10 Biggest Naval Forces in the World

The People’s Liberation Army Navy is China’s second top notch navy army. It began operation in 1950 and today it has branches named as People’s Liberation Army Submarine Force, People’s Liberation Army Surface Force, People’s Liberation Army Navy Coastal Defense Force, People’s Liberation Army Marine Corps, and People’s Liberation Army Naval Air Force. Total number of personnel is 290,000 and it has around 500 ships.

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4.Russian Navy

Russia Navy

With the 140,000 personnel and modernized 282 ships, Russian Navy is an outstanding one on this list of impressive naval forces. It is operating since 6th century. It has struggled a lot to make itself an official naval force. Since 1992, Russian Navy has maintained multiple branches.

3. Royal Navy, UK


The Royal Navy is based in United Kingdom. It has fought against rivals on rivers and has appeared in multiple sea battles for many years. The strength of the force is that it is being added with many personnel every month, and only the most proficient ones are chosen.

2.Indian Navy


The Indian Armed forces had Royal Indian Navy before India could get freedom. Indian Navy is operating since 1947. It provides security at the sea borders, playing important part in creation of good relationship with neighboring countries. It has approximately 58,350 personnel and 155 total warships.

1. United States Navy


The naval warfare branch of the United States Armed Forces is named as United States Navy. It has on-board 317,054 personnel and 286 ships, making it the largest navy of the world. This is capable to conduct multiple operations. It has the largest defense budget, and is highly funded by the US government. It is certainly a navy force with hundreds of patrol boats. It is most trusted because of its international presence, and has popular military strength.