10 Largest Technology Companies You Can Apply for a Job

It was not long ago when technology companies were tagged as the companies that will shape the future. Well, today’s world is of tech-oriented products and luckily we have in our hands many games,computer hardware, software, semiconductor, electronics, the Internet, telecommunication, and other computer services. Thanks to information technology and the company owners who have worked really hard to provide us with such incredible facilities. Commonly we hear about the success of tech giants like Apple and Samsung, but they are being given tough competition by rivalries. Here we have provided with the list of 10 technology companies to work for.

10. Microsoft


Microsoft is one of the most trustable and best technolog comapny to work for. It absolutely needs no introduction since Microsoft has become a household name because of the immense popularity of their OS, the Windows. The company began manufacturing surface tablets recently. Before that they were mainly dealing as a software company. It has its sub-divisions across the world, especially in America, Canada, China, and England etc.

9.Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation is an American semiconductor chip manufacturer. It is one of the leading manufacturers of processors, chips and other hardware components for computers. The company aims to provide its services at reasonable prices. It is considered to be the largest seller of PCs and notebook computers all over the world.

8.Samsung Electronics


Samsung is a South Korean company. This multinational electronics company is where you can easily apply for a job. It is based in Suwon in South Korea. It employs almost 221,000 people and has many production and assembly plants and sales networks in more than 60 countries worldwide. Samsung is the largest maker of mobiles, televisions, LCD panels, and excellent seller of memory chips in the world. It is a superb vendor of cost-friendly smartphones.

7.Hewlett Packard (HP)


HP is one of the richest brands of the United States. Hewlett Packard is a multinational company that provides job opportunities to potential candidates with right kind of technical skills and having a degree in either information technology or computer sciences. It is based in Palo Alto in California. It was the largest manufacturer of personal computers until 2012 when the Chinese giant Lenovo overtook it. The company is currently dealing in technologies, software, services and solutions, providing the customers with most authentic and suitable items. It also has wide array of customers in the sectors like education, and healthcare.



Foxconn is based in Taiwan. Its full name is the Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd, but it is trading with the rather popular name Foxconn. This is an electronics manufacturing company, based in Tucheng in New Taipei in Taiwan. We can consider it a giant manufacturer of electronics. It is much involved in selling products such as Apple’s iPad, iPod and iPhone, as well as Amazon’s Kindle, Sony’s PlayStation 3, Nintendo’s Wii U, and Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

5.IBM (International Business Machines Corp.)


IBM is a United States company having worth of $106.91 billion. The International Business Machines Corporation is based in Armonk in New York. It is known to produce and market computer hardware and software. It also deals in consulting, hosting and infrastructure services in fields ranging from nanotechnology and mainframe computers. IBM has record of most patents ever. We can also credit this company for the inventions like the ATM, the floppy disk, the hard disk drive, the magnetic stripe, the Universal Product Code, and the SABRE airline reservation system.

4. Panasonic


Panasonic is another tech brand for those who want to get paid handsomely and want to work in a professional and competitive environment to grow their career. This Japanese company was formerly known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. It is based in Osaka in Japan. Konosuke Matsushita founded the company in 1918, and it originally sold only duplex lamp sockets. Since then, Panasonic has tremendously grown and is one of the largest vendors of semiconductors in the world. It has totally changed its name to Panasonic Corporation in 2008 for aligning with the global brand name. Panasonuc is one of the top technology company to work for .

3. Toshiba


Toshiba is another Japanese brand, having its name among the richest technology brands. It is an engineering and electronics company based in Tokyo in Japan. Toshiba manufactures and markets electrical products related to IT, communication equipment and systems, internet-based solutions, power systems, household appliances, electronic components as well as industrial infrastructure systems. It is a famous vendor of semiconductors and personal computers that are sold at reasonable prices.



Here is Sony, one more tech brand of Japan. This multinational corporation is based in Tokyo in Japan. It has interests in sectors such as electronics, games, entertainment and financial services. It is a large and one of the most prominent manufacturers of televisions, refrigerators, and home appliances. Other than this, Sony deals in mobile phones, the video game consoles of PlayStation and PSP. The company, apart from this, has been selling music, publication and movies related applications on the online stores.

1. Apple Inc.


Apple Inc. has been the “all in one tech brand” and dominating the tech industry for quite some years. It is a fierce competitor of Samsung, and mainly deals in smartphones, applications, videos games, online games, and even home and office appliances of Apple are also available. The company is the pioneer of tech industry because it never denies creating unique and highly featured items for the global consumers.

Plus point to apply to any of the above companies is that you enjoy the same or even more benefits as can be have in a government job. Those who have tried their luck to many local companies should now take one step ahead and go with either Apple, Samsung, or IBM etc.
Applications are received in thousands of number so do not expect to get hired immediately. Keep on working hard and apply for multiple positions because if you have some sparks, luck will definitely knock your doors.