10 Most Amazing Hotels Rooms

With the passage of time, yearning for the best accommodations has been tremendously increased. Riche travelers, whenever go out, want to stay at the luxury hotels, regardless of whether they offer services in terms of accommodation and meal at high prices or now.Back in the 1990s, five-figure hotel rooms existed. The hotel rooms of these days are made in a way that they provide top notch facilities to the people.Some of them have skylines and natural landscapes outside the balconies, while others offer you a chance to view the stunning private Jacuzzi or heated swimming pool.Picture yourself sleeping in a dreamy hotel room, full of comforts and enjoy reading about these 10 most amazing hotel rooms.


10. Anantara Golden Triangle (Sop Ruak, Thailand)


At this hotel room, you can enjoy activities like storybook scenery and others. It is a romantic spot for newlyweds, situated 90 minutes North of Chiang Rai, right at the heart of the Golden Triangle. This is where countries like Thailand, Mayamar, and Laos are meeting.
Cost per night is around $50 per person, but if you upgrade for family accommodation, you can be offered a price around $1150. Alternatively, consider to stay at moderately priced sweets in Chiang Mai.

9. Ashford Castle (Cong, Ireland)

Ashford 3, cr

Are you planning a trip to Ireland? If it is so, then Ashford Castle is the dreamy place. It is one of most beautiful Medieval castles, giving you chance to enjoy time overnight. It has well separated itself from the other similar types of castles, and looks very attractive.This was established in 1228. In 1589 protective fortifications were built, and by the 1900s, it became a full-fledge five star accommodation spot. Here you can enjoy activities such as horse riding, falconry, lake cruising, fishing, clay shooting, archery, golf, and many others. Cost per night is approximately $130 per person.

8. Dhara Dhevj Resort (Chiang Mai, Thailand)


The Dhara Dhevi is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It looks exactly like a dreamy palace, offering you many facilities. More than 100 suites are there to make your stay ideal. You can view the outside tropical gardens that cover the 60 acre resort amazingly. It is a celebrity-favorite residential area.The hotel room has a fabulous pool outside. Indoor spa, and gym make you feel happy. The price ranges from $700 to 1,500 a night. Some of the alternatives are the Iniala Beach House Resort on Phunket Island and more.

7. Kebek Cave Hotel (Goreme, Turkey)


The Kebek Cave Hotel is a fantastic Turkish accommodation. It is situated close to the Mount Erciyes Volcano covering an area in ashes. It was built centuries ago and has still kept its pride maintained. The hotel has 36 well furnished and attractive rooms. There is not only a Turkish Bath nearby. Here there is much to enjoy that you will never feel bored. Per night cost is around $75 to $100. Alternative option is the Akköy Evleri Cave Hotel that costs $100-300 a night.

6. Londolozi Tree Camp (Kruger National Park, South Africa)


The Londolozi Tree Camp fits the Londolozi Tree Camp and Kruger National Park, and has been dominating the hearts of tourists coming to South Africa since its establishment in 1926.It is a hotel room full of luxuries. To make your stay ideal, management tries to provide the food that is not only tasty but also very hygienic and well presented.
It is surrounded by forests and gardens. It is often regarded as Africa’s finest game lodge. The finely decorated rooms speak of themselves about how marvelous your stay here would be. Cost per night starts from $850 per person and it has included meal, drinks, and morning and evening game drives.

5. De Glase Ice Hotel (Québec, Canada)


The De Glase Ice Hotel has won hearts of many Canadian tourists since 2001. It is a magical hotel room, made of snow and ice to create a true winter wonderland. During winter months, it is a perfect and amazing place to stay. All the suites have real mattresses and blankets over the base of ice and the arctic down is great.With the so much fun you will have here, you cannot say that price per night at $199/person is out of limits. Am I right?

4. Jade Mountain Resort (Saint Lucia)


The Jade Mountain Resort provides you a chance to see the glory of the high mountains. Some of the finest views are Piton Peaks and the bay of St Lucia from your room. It is a worth place to give a try to whenever you visit Saint Lucia.The main resort is sitting high over the waterfall, and is around two-hour drive away from the airport. A standard suite costs $1000-1500 depending on the season, per night.

3. Ngorongoro Crater Lodge (Tanzania)


The Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is where you actually should be in Tanzania. It is at ideal physical location, close to Lake Magadi and inside an old volcanic crater. The lodge is sitting between the Serengeti National Park, the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, and Mount Kilimanjaro.Because of its marvelous location, you can see here wild animals like tigers, zebras, and giraffes. Also the colorful furniture and comfortable indoor environment make it suitable for everyone. Cost per night is approximately $1000 per person.

2. Dromoland Castle (Newmarket-on-Fergus, Ireland)


The Dromoland Castle is another wonderful accommodation in Ireland. It is a historic spot which was owned by the family of Irish King Brian Boru during 10th century. It was renovated and open for public in 1962.It is a world class five-star accommodation. Cost per night is starting at only $150 for one person. Alternatively you can spend night at Dromoland, which is least famous.

1. Conrad Hilton (Rangila, Maldives)


The Conrad Hilton is one of the most amazing hotel rooms. It is situated in Rangila, Maldives, only 30 minutes seaplane ride from Male. It has proudly taken the lagoon experience to the highest level.Here there are total 11 restaurants, so you can always enjoy your favorite meal, without worrying much of the cost. Submarines go up to 100 feet below the surface, giving an edge to your stay. Per night rate is $900 for beach villas and $1200 for water villas.