10 Most Amazing Places You Should See After Divorce

Some people say life becomes easier after divorce. This can rock your world, giving you sense of freedom.This sends you crashing into the abyss so deep you feel you are not able to find your way out. If you were much into a hectic married life, your mind must be going 100 mph.If you wonder what’s next and what should be your plans when you are separated and have a life of your own, it is better to visit some stunning places.So, take a pause, exhale, and enjoy trip to refresh your mind. Forget about the past and find peace in any of the following 10 most amazing places you should see after divorce.

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10. Sonoma County, California


Immediately after separation if your mood is to drink, go for over 400 wineries and 16 designated wine regions with cuisine that is surely going to make you happy at Sonoma Country, California.It is 30 miles north of San Francisco. During weekends, you can expect much crowd but this would not stop you from raising your glass.Enjoy hiking and biking the redwoods or oak-studded hills, followed by spending time at the Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary; this is where you would be finding Cedar Enzyme Bath in America that is featured with cozy tub full of fragrances and plant enzymes of import quality.

9. Paradise Coast, Florida


The Paradise Coast in Florida is a striking place, full of beaches and graceful spots to enjoy time at.The most popular is Naples, a quaint resort city, present on the coast. Guests are served with delicious food and amazing shopping experience.
Everglades National Park is known to offer your activities such as air boating into the 259 acres of private grasslands. Marco Island has the Gulf of Mexico and mangrove estuaries, surrounding it beautifully.

8. Santa Fe, New Mexico


Santa Fe’s restorative power is legendary in itself. Once divorced, you can spend some days here and flock for seeking solace of soul.For the spa loves, this New Mexico place is full of opportunities. Enjoy Yogihiker, chocolate spa, golden spa, and the renowned Upaya Zen Center run by Roshi Joan Halifax.Do not forget to breathe deeply at Santa Fe where the environment is very calm and refreshing.For eating healthy food, nothing is better than Zen. Besides this, Ayurvedic juice bars and artisanal food crafts add value to its overall charm.For the ladies, this place offers chance of joining cooking classes at affordable prices.

7.Porta Blancu, Nieuwpoort, Curacao


The Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort in the Caribbean isle of Curacao are what would ail you to much extent when you come here with a broken heart.The most stunning time can be spent at the Atbei Spa which makes use of holistic treatments.Another great and unforgettable thing to get amazed with is the tall ancient buildings. Of course, we cannot forget to explore the rituals of the Arawak people.The Pampering in Paradise package costs reasonable, and this include many resort activities like beach volleyball and others..

6.Playa de Carmen, Mexico


The Grand Velas Riviera Maya is something you should not miss to explore when you feel alone. For newly singles, Playa de Carmen in Mexico offers countless entertainment opportunities. Rejuvenate with a $50 spa credit per person, and spend the time with full relaxation. You can even go for Hatha yoga classes held early in the morning on the beach, as well as Spirit Purification Ritual for getting rid of negativity of body and mind. Have cocktail and enjoy delicious meal at any of the local restaurants.

5.Tuscany, Italy


There is nothing better than visiting the picturesque Tuscany, Italy. It is one of the most beautiful regions in the world.With your stay at any of the local hotels, you can enjoy wine and olives, spa, and lots more.Do not forget to visit Terme di Saturnia Spa, where the stuff is much better and luxurious.The vanilla white decor at the pool is helpful to add value to your moments of relaxation.The tall buildings as well as museums would not let you feel bored during your trip.

4.Paradise Beach, Nevis

nevis paradise beach villa rental

Escape to the spectacular Paradise Beach Resort, present on the island of Nevis. Get pampered here individually and your sad mood would be turned to happy one.This Nevis place serves the tourists magically, giving them chance to forget all worries of life.All villas here have 3-foot beamed ceilings and a split-level patio for striking view.You can also have great time at lounges, marble showers, and sliding glass door hotel rooms.Close to it are situated Sunshine’s Beach Bar & Grill, and Hamilton Estate.


3.Los Cabos, Mexico


The Los Cabos is not less than a playland of a Hollywood movie. Here the Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort & Grand Spa is a must-to-try spot. It is different than typical spas, and you would receive treatment in a cabin built of rocks, adjacent to Cabo’s El Arco – the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula.Here there is much to give you feelings of comfort and pleasure. Experience traditional Mexican food during lunch and dinner times, and get served with tasty breakfast which is usually provided by the hotel you stay at.Once rejuvenated and feeling ready, enjoy some outdoor activities like shopping, biking, swimming, and go for anything you like the most.

2.Motu Teta, Rangiroa, French Polynesia


There are chances that you never heard about Motu Teta, but after your separation from the beloved, this is a private island of Rangiroa, French Polynesia you must give a try to.Here you are never going to feel loneliness because there is much to enjoy like hunting, spear fishing, kiting, water-skiing or windsurfing.Usually the guests are provided with private chef, so you can ask them to prepare the food of your choice. Even drinks are served at budget-friendly costs.

1.The Himalayas

Take a journey to India’s Himalayas, which is a stunning place.The focus has been much on peace of mind and body as this gives you perfect balance of life.Restore yourself with ancient Hindu practices. Give a try to reiki, chakras, and do not forget to enjoy special herbal treatment which is better than a high-profile spa’s treatment.Yoga lessons are also held at some of the hotels here.Hike and venture to spiritual center Rishikesh to get closer to Almighty God.The Rajaji National Park’s Safari is everyone’s favorite so do not forget to enjoy it!