10 Most Expensive Number Plates in the World

Today, we take a look at  10 most expensive number plates. But before doing that, or all those who are confused as to what number plates are or what on earth is this list about, here’s some information about number plates. So, number plates, or Vehicle registration plate, as it is officially known, is a plastic or metal plate that is attached to a vehicle for the purpose of putting an identification to the vehicle. It is the unique identification code that differentiates one vehicle from another. Number plates are also known as license plates. In some countries, the identity is unique within the entire country, whereas in some other countries, it is unique within a state or a province. It usually contains the area code of the place where the vehicle belongs to, followed by some random numbers. Now, most people would thing, as to why such a thing like number plate would of any interest to anyone to make it expensive. But, hold on! This is a matter of pride and hobby for a number of individuals across the globe. Not only, they make sure that the materials used in the plates are of the best quality, but a number of efforts is put in designing it, which makes it one of the most important accessories for a vehicle, although it is a requirement for a vehicle. Nowadays, more and more number of designer and customized plates are surfing the market which commands price which will put most of the designer clothes and jewellery to shames. So, let us take a look at 10 of the  most expensive licence plates in the world..

10. 1 O

 most expensive number plates


Starting our list at number 10 is ‘1 O’. This is also the minimalist plate to make it to this list. But, don’t judge by size, because this number plate fetched £170,000, when it was sold in January, 2009 in Northamptonshire. Yes, you better believe that! When else do you see a number plate which contains a binary number along with one of the 26 letters in English alphabet costs you a fortune? Then again, some people are just plain rich I suppose!

9. K1 NGS

Most Expensive

Next up at number 9 on our list of 10 of the most expensive licence plates ever comes K1 NGS, which is probably a stylised version of the word ‘Kings’. This royal number plate was bought at a price of a whopping £231,000 in December, 1993. Yes, you can close your jaw now! Apparently, this was bought by an Arab sultan. Why doesn’t that surprise me?

8. 1 RH

car number plate

The 8th most expensive private registration plate was sold on November, 2008, at a price of £247,000 – well, that’s more than what most people spend on a fancy house, car or even a private yacht! According to reports, this number plate was sold at a price which was 30 times than the actual estimated price. It was bought by a business man, by the name of Robert Harverson.

7. 51 NGH

Singh number car

Grabbing the 7th spot on this list is the number plate ‘51 NGH’. This fancy license plate was sold in April, 2006, at a price of £254,000. Apparently, the number plate read into ‘Singh’, which is a popular name in the Sikh community. It was a stylised version of the name ‘Singh’.

6.VIP 1

most expensive number plate ever

Next up at number 6 on our list of  most expensive licence plates comes the number plate ‘VIP 1’. Sold at a price of £285,000, this was sold as the number plate suggests to a very important person – Roman Abramovich, a Russian businessman, investor and politician, who is also the proud owner of the English premium football team, none other than, Chelsea Football Club. In 2015, he was named as the 12th richest and 137th richest person in Russia and the world, respectively. The license plate was once placed on the Popemobile for His Holiness’ visit to Ireland.

5. M 1


Breaking into the top 5 on this list, the number plate ‘M 1’ was sold mobile phone business man Mike McCoomb at a price of £331,000. According to him, he bought it as a gift for someone, and yes, that someone is his 10 year old son! Wow! We can only hope his son liked it, because if not, it would be very difficult to find a replacement gift for him.

4. 1 D

The 4th most expensive private registration plate sold was in March, 2009 at a price of £352,000. Now before you associate it with the pop band One Direction, let me tell you, this number plate was sold a year prior to the band’s formation. So, no clicking of this license plate with the pop group. It was sold to a Lebanese businessman Nabil Bishara inWarwickshire.

3. S 1

Worlds Most Expensive Number Plates

Breaking into top 3 on this list is the number plate ‘S 1’, which is regarded as the first number plate of Scotland. It was brought back in 2008 at a price of £404,000by an anonymous bidder who claimed the digits would be fixed to an old Skoda!

2. F 1

Most Expensive licence Plate

Next up at number 2 is the number plate ‘F 1’. An abbreviation of Formula 1, it was bought by business man and automotive designer at a price of £440,000. The number plate was associated with his car, McLaren – Mercedes SLR.

1. 25 O

Finally, the world’s most expensive number plate was sold in November 2014 to a Ferrari dealer John Collins. It is attached to a Ferrari 250SWB, which is priced at £10million. Well, some people have all the money in the world.


Finally, While most people fancy about buying the richest cars in the world, but there are some, for whom, the most priced possession is the number plate of the vehicle. Some of the world’s number plates outprice the actual vehicle to which it is attached to. Coming in varied shapes, sizes and designer look, these number plates are something to drool over.So, here’s world’s most expensive number plates.