10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

Are you  looking to find out World’s most expensive restaurants ? As Most people dream of dinning in style but such luxury comes at a price which only can be paid by rich people. There are several restaurants that give some of the most finest cruising experiences ever but these 10 most  expensive restaurants in the world are in a league of themselves. Check them out:

10. Masa, New York

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Located in Manhattan NewYork Masa is a Japanese and sushi restaurant. In 2004, Chef Masa Takayama founded the restaurant which is today considered to be selling  one of the most expensive food in not just in New York but in the entire world. The sushi bar is built out of a piece of rare hinoki wood from Japan that cost around $60,000. There are only 26 seats and reservation need to be made three weeks in advance. Masa prepares the menu himself using exotic ingredients and the fishes are flown from Japan. In 2009, Masa received the Michelin Guide’s highest rating. The same year Masa opened the second Bar Masa in Las Vegas.

9. Misoguigawa, Kyoto, Osaka & Kobe

Misoguigawa, Kyoto, Osaka & Kobe

Located on the Kamo River, the restaurant was founded by master-chef Teruo Inoue. Inoue, before opening the restaurant was trained by a three-star Michelin chef. His unique blend of French and traditional Japanese cuisine developed what is called French kaiseki. Opened in 1981, the restaurant was a former tea house that was owned by a geisha. The restaurant gives the diners several options on seating – private tatami rooms, L-shaped counter, casual counter, outdoor summer veranda etc. Wine is commissioned from the Bourgogne region in France and chocolate from a Parisian chocolatier. Reservations need to be made 24 hours before arrival.

8.Le Pre Catelan Restaurant, Paris


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Located in the Bois de Boulogne park the restaurant is owned by the Lenôtre group, a renowned French food empire. The pavilion dates back to Napoleon III. It’s a three star michelin restaurant. The staffs are considered quiet terrific, friendly, full of smiles, attentive, informative and knowledgeable. The main dining room sits in the larger of two small châteaux with Tall mirrors, marbled Grecian columns and Grey silk curtains. In terms of both location and crusine, Le Pré Catelan is a haven of tranquillity.It is considered to be one of the most expensive restaurant.

7.Beige Alain Ducasse, Tokyo

Beige Alain Ducasse, Tokyo

Located on the top floor of the Chanel building in Ginza, Beige Alain Ducasse restaurant is a collaborative effort between Chanel and Chef Alain Ducasse. Their partnership is the first of its kind in the world. It’s a two-star Michelin restaurant founded in 2004. Located on the last floor of the building, the restaurant steeped in the Chanel spirit. It has got a spectacular high-ceilinged dining space created by Chanel’s most amazing boutique designer Peter Marino. The restaurant obviously offers various food and notably the atmosphere of the place changes throughout the day like that of a city.

6.Gordon Ramsay, London


Gordon Ramsay’s three Michelin star restaurant is one of the most expensive restaurant in London. Opened in 1998, it is located at Royal Hospital Road. The restaurant was Ramsay’s first solo restaurant. In 2008, Clare Smyth was appointed as the head chef becoming the only female chef to hold three Michelin stars in the UK. Even since its inception the restaurant has been both criticized and praised. In fact once the Gordon Ramsay restaurant had ranked among the top “most disappointing cooking” category. Gordon Ramsay is the first Scottish chef who won three Michelin stars for his restaurant.

5. Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville Crissier, Switzerland

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The restaurant is a three Michelin stars winner. As many as 40 legendary chefs have presided over its kitchen. Located in Crissier, Philippe Rochat is the owner of the Restaurant de L’Hôtel de Ville. In the 2009 Restaurant magazine’s list of 50 Best Restaurants in the world ranked the restaurant 16th. Diners have often concluded that with impeccable, culinary techniques and flawless services, the restaurant is simply one of the best and of course expensive restaurants in the world.

4.Aragawa, Tokyo

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Founded in 1967, the Aragawa gives you one of the most luxurious dining experiences with its Nishijin silk tapestries and cherry-wood tables and chairs. The name comes from a Japanese translated title of a novel – Le Peau de Chagrin (The Wild Ass’s Skin) by the famous French writer Honoré de Balzac. The word ‘Aragawa’ literally means the hide of an animal. It’s a paradise for beefsteak lovers. The meat is extracted from the Purebred Tajima cattle that are raised for more than twenty-eight months with immense care. Reportedly the beefsteaks have the fullest and most complex flavours imaginable. In 2006 Aragawa ranked number one in Forbes World’s most expensive restaurant.

3.Restaurant le Meurice Alain Ducasse, Paris

Restaurant le Meurice Alain Ducasse, Paris

Located opposite the Tuileries Garden, between the Musée du Louvre and Place de la Concorde, Hôtel Meurice is a 5-star hotel. The place was built in 1771 but didn’t open before 1815. Owned and run by the Dorchester Collection, Restaurant le Meurice Alain Ducasse was given the distinction of a palace by the French government in 2011. The Hotel mainly has two restaurant, one of which, Restaurant le Meurice overlooks the Tuileries Garden. Currently its run by 3 Michelin star Chef Alain Ducasse and before him was run by the 3 Michelin star head chef Yannick Alléno.

2. Ithaa, Maldives

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Ithaa is the world’s first undersea expensive restaurant located 5 metres below sea level. Built in Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, it has got an acrylic structure with a total capacity of 14 people. The transparent roof offers an underwater view. Opened in 2005, the marvellous restaurant was designed and built by M.J. Murphy Ltd. In the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake that caused Tsunami caused no damage to the restaurant. Besides being a restaurant, the place can be booked for weddings and private parties. It is estimated that the restaurant will last for 20 years.

1. Sublimotion, Ibiza

Sublimotion, Ibiza

Sublimotion, located in Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Ibiza, Spain is currently holds the record of being the most expensive restaurant in the world.  Run by Michelin 2-star chef Paco Roncero, the restaurant kitchen uses molecular gastronomy in their cooking. Established in the year 2014, the restaurant won the Best Innovation  most expensive Food & Beverage in the same year. With a seating capacity of maximum 12 patrons, the restaurant focuses on haute cuisine and consists of 20 food tasting entrees.