10 Most Expensive Tractors in the World

Farm tractors are vehicles used in farms. Commonly called “tractor”, they are used to plough, till, disk, task and do other such tasks. Today a variety of tractors are available in the market and here we are going to discuss about the 10 most expensive tractors in the world.

10. New Holland T6

World powerful tractor

The New Holland’s T6 has got over 20 new, innovative features. It has got unmatched efficiency, maximum productivity and most popular tractors. The horsepower ranges from 95 to 125 PTO. The tractor comes with optional auto guidance integrated within the tractor hydraulics and steering circuit. The New Holland T6 has been built to stand out and outperform.

9. New Holland T9
New Holland T9 .jpg

New Holland’s T9 series are developed with IntelliSteer Automatic Steering System and DGPS or RTK Technology that results in fully integrated control. The T9 is one of the most powerful as well as most expensive tractors in the world out there that focus on precision, on getting the job done. The tractors come equipped with control benchmark known as the Sidewinder 11 arm rest. Here all important functions are intuitively and ergonomically arranged. The standard IntelliView III monitor is a magnificent tool that enables personalization of your settings. The tractor has also got the NH 262 receiver which is fully compliant with EGNOS, OmniSTAR or RTK correction.

8. New Holland T7
Strongest tractor

New Holland T7 is a tractor that delivers high power, performance. It has got new EcoBlue HI-eSCR (High-efficiency Selective Catalytic Reduction) engines. With increased horsepower the tractor has got fuel efficiency as-well-as field productivity. With some of the most advanced tractor technology on the market today, the New Holland T7’s all transmission controls are located on the CommandGrip multifunction handle.

7. Challenger MT975B
Challenger MT975B.jpg

Regarded as one of the world’s most powerful tractors, the Challenger MT975B has got 600 horsepower. It comes with a fuel tank approaching 1500L and weighs over 27 tonnes. The tractors even come with a choice of tyres ranging from single to duals, even triples. According to the product manager, the machine has been purposely designed, built and tested to handle some of the most rigorous agricultural tasks. In 2009 the tractor was launched in Australia with limited availability options. The tractors have two separate systems in the hydraulics department and for efficiency the fuel tank is interconnected with the engine management control centre.

6.Blue Power T6
Worlds most populat tractors

Blue Power T6 is premium agriculture equipment. It’s an ideal choice for heavy work loading, roadside mowing, haying etc. Like its successful processors Holland Tractor’s Blue Power T6 promises great performance with brilliant comfort options. The tractor comes with clean-running engines that offer enhanced fuel efficiency, greater reactivity that results in improved performance. The T6 line is available in both four and six cylinder configurations. It has got High-Pressure Common-Rail electronic power management system that makes it super responsive. A well-known New Holland feature is the Engine Power Management (EPM) which is available on all T6 models.

5. Big Bud 747
beautiful looking tractor

The Big Bud 747 also known as 16V-747 Big Bud is one of its kind custom-made tractor. In 1977 the farm tractor built in Havre, Montana. Dubbed as the “World’s Largest Farm Tractor”, the tractor was designed by Wilbur Hensler built by the Northern Manufacturing Company under the leadership of Ron Harmon. It was built at a cost of $300,000, which in today’s term will be 1.13 million dollars. One of the largest and the most expensive in the history of tractors, Big Bud 747 tilled the land for 11 years after which it was moved to a museum in 2009.

4. Case IH Steiger 600
most expensive tractor in the world

Built by Case IH, the Case STX Steiger is a tractorline. It has got twice the horsepower at 600 horsepower and is noted for its fuel-efficient power. With some of the most innovative design and engineering, Case IH Steiger 600 has a proven record of performance. In the year 2016, new enhancements will be made in the Steiger Series ranging from improved shifting performance, to increased shuttle shift speed. The tractors would have new LED light packages, advanced Line Aquisition, advanced steering system, split wide electric mirrors and automatic differential lock.

3. John Deere 9560RT
John Deere 9560RT.jpg

Manufactured by John Deere, the John Deere 9560RT tractor is a pioneering high-tech machine ready to the toughest agricultural tasks heads-on. It has got 560 engine horsepower and up to 78 gpm hydraulic flow. The tractor has also got a capacity of up to 20,000-pound hitch-lift. Anybody using the tractor is almost guaranteed to get their job done faster. Among its key features it’s got efficiency manager thumbwheel and efficiency manager switch, 18-speed PowerShift transmission and electrohydraulic (EH) PTO control. It’s got excellent seat with air suspension, backrest angle adjustment, lumbar control, fore-aft and lateral attenuation, swivel, and adjustable left-hand armrest.

2. CaseIH Steiger 620 Quadtrac
expensive tractor

CaseIH Steiger 620 Quadtrac is manufactured by CaseIH. The hydraulics is pressure flow compensated. The engine has got 6-cylinder with two-stage turbocharged air-to-water intercooled air-to-air after cooled diesel. In terms of transmission, the CaseIH Steiger 620 Quadtrac has got full power shift with 16 forward and 2 reverse gears. One of its most unique and brilliant feature is that instead of wheels the tractor has got caterpillar tracks and 600 horsepower. Like in the Case IH Steiger 600, in the year 2016, new enhancements will be made in the Steiger Series ranging from improved shifting performance, to increased shuttle shift speed. The tractors would have new advanced Line Aquisition, LED light packages, advanced steering system, automatic differential lock and split wide electric mirrors.

1. Lamborghini Nitro Tractors
Lamborghini Nitro Tractors

Lamborghini is best known for making hyper cars. The Lamborghini Nitro tractor is the kind of tractor you don’t want to get dirty. In 2013, they brought out their brilliant model that looked like it was a tractor for the future. The new model is definitely eye-catching a quiet elegant. Its high-tech cabin looks like have drawn inspiration from that of an aeroplane or a racing car. The tractor has got a cool 3.6-liter DEUTZ engine. Designed by Giugiaro Design, the tractor has got a black matte trim with white shiny body. It’s available in four power levels ranging from 100 to 130 horsepower.This stand on number 1 in our list of 10 most expensive tractors in the world.