10 Most Happiest and Friendliest Countries in the World

Are you looking for friendliest countries in the world? Well, almost all the individuals dream of living abroad. It is not so easy to find a place with friendliest countries for tourists since there are only a few. Some of the nations, however, provide great hospitality and residential facilities to the people. According to the surveys, most of the tourists look for destinations that provide them both facilities as well as combination of remarkable culture and traditions. Keeping that in mind, here we have talked about 10 friendliest countries in the world with the hope that this list will make you happy.

Top 10 Most Happiest Countries in the World

10.Bosnia & Herzegovina
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Bosnia, no doubt, has most friendliest people in the world. At many lists, this country tops because of being the hub of top 10 most peaceful country in the world. We can well regard Bosnians to be some friendly folks that will never let you feel bored when you are here. The overall atmosphere of this country is quite amazing. The tourism stats prove that Bosnia and Herzegovina are the lands of intrepid travelers, because for them there are enough picturesque mountain villages, cultural east-west fusions, as well as world-class river rapid.

9. Portugal
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Portugal is one of top 10 most happiest countries in the world. It is not difficult to mention why this country has friendly people. The residents are being provided with matchless facilities. You can roll through the hills of Beiras, enjoy fresh black olives in lunch time, or have a glass of velvety Douro valley port – all of this is enough to give you inspiration as it has already given to countless artists, writers, as well as musicians who eventually came up with exceptional pieces about the beauty of Portugal.

8. Senegal
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The beauty of Senegal is worth seeing. It is epicentre of new Africa, catching the eyes of those who love flirting at a night club, white-sand beach points, as well as lush tropical forests. Senegal has everything to make your moments special and unforgettable. With dash of saucy colonial French thrown, here you can easily find people with smiling, friendly and happy faces. The diversity of this country booms the tourism industry to much extent.

Happiest people in west africa

Here comes Burkina Faso, country of happy people in West Africa. It is one of the poorest countries in the world, but that does not mean here there is nothing incredible. The waterfalls, forests, wildlife, and rolling amber deserts are the key characteristics behind the so much success of tourism industry of Burkina Faso. This is one of the most unique and amazing tourist countries, or in other words we can call it an ideal land for honeymooners.

top 10 most happiest countries in the world

Without any surprise, Ireland is a worth checking country. There are many reasons you should spend your holidays here. The first is here the environment is calm enough, secondly Ireland offers lots of proactive facilities, and last but not the least this country is gifted with magical green fairies that are spread everywhere making Ireland as much friendly for international tourists as possible. Do not forget to kissing the Blarney Stone just outside Cork during your stay here.

5. Morocco
Morocco friendliest nation on earth

Morocco is another wonderful and top notch tourist attraction. The people of this charming country are friendly. They deal international tourists with care and politeness, thus playing important part in the establishment of Morocco’s tourism industry. It is, historically speaking, a gateway to North Africa and a bustling trading hub alive with people of varying customs, traditions, and languages who gather here and live together with their dozens of cultures. Morocco is where many movie stars, celebrities, and wide-eyed tourists have spent their vacations.

4.New Zealand
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New Zealand, as per the World Economic Forum, trumps Australia when it comes to friendliness. This is a high ranked and one of most happiest and friendliest countries of the world. Here the neat alpine air, fresh seafood and Middle Earth magical moments will make you a big fan of this country. So, why don’t you spend the winter holidays there!

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Iceland is a country that is getting 3-4 hours of sunlight in winters. For foreigners and winter lovers, it is an ideal spot. Iceland has spectacular volcanic scenery, colossal waterfalls and pure geothermal power that overlook the beauty and charm of this land. Here people are served with fresh eatables, drinks, and they can also enjoy hiking and other ice-related activities.

2. Austria
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According to statistics, Austria is Europe’s friendliest holiday destination. Not only because of its picture-postcard of alpine scenery, glacial lakes and architectural wonders, but also due to the friendly people, here every morning’s sun shines with its full brightness. So, plan a perfect and cost friendly holiday in Austria.

1. Macedonia
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Macedonia besides being the country with crumbling ancient ruins, hilltop monasteries and jaw-dropping alpines, is a friendly place. . Here you can head to the stunning lakesides, town of Ohrid, or enjoy time in genuine Slavic hospitality.It would not be wrong to call it one of most friendliest countries in the world.