10 Most Iconic Vehicles Owned By Comic Book Superheroes

Other than going gaga over superheroes and their super powers, fans are often attracted to their super cool vehicles. There are so many superheroes vehicles in the comic world that we are spoiled for choices. But anyway, here we’ve tried to list 10 most iconic vehicles owned by comic book superheroes. Feel free to disagree and comment.


10. Condormobile


The Condormobile is a jet car that was built by the C.I.A. It was made on the request of an agent named Woodrow Wilkins. Codenamed Condorman, Wilkins was hired by the C.I.A to carry out a dangerous mission which required him to have a sassy high tech car. The Condormobile featured in the 1981 film Condorman. The vehicle is equipped with laser machine guns in the rear and can activate forward ramps to send pursuing cars flying across the sky. It has the ability to change its size and to slide under large trucks. It can even transform itself into a hovercraft.

9. Surfboard


The Surfboard belongs to the Silver Surfer. He was born as Norrin Radd on the planet Zenn-La. Radd was part of a very progressive civilisation that had managed to rid their world of all kind of wants and miseries like disease, crime, poverty, creating the ultimate utopian world. Without giving away too much spoiler, let’s just say Radd after transforming into a silver-skinned super-being, was giventhe surfboard. The board is made of the same silver that covers Silver Surfer’s body therefore becomes a part of the Silver Surfer. No matter where he is, the board find his master.

8. Otto Mobile


Captain Nemo or Prince Dakkar is the owner of the Otto Mobile. Captain Nemo first appeared in Jules Verne’s famous novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea in 1870. Speaking of the vehicle, it’s coated in silver with ivory ornate designs. The automobile is 100 feet long and has six wheels. In the 2003 film The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen the Otto Mobile was ridden by the Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah who was playing Captain Nemo.

7. Fantasticar


As the name suggests the Fantasticar is owned by the Fantastic Four. It was first mentioned in Fantastic Four #3 that came out in March 1962. In the original model Fantasticar Mk. I, the vehicle was designed to split into four parts so that each member of the superhero team could ride them. For a long time the same car model was used but the model was also criticised for looking like a ‘flying bathtub’. The Fantasticar Mk. II debuted in Fantastic Four #12 in March 1962. The new model had had a number of modifications done. It was 27 feet long and could be divided into four individual segments. This model was more clearly defined and over the next few years a number of small updates were made.

6. Quinjet


This one belongs to the Avengers and was primarily used for transporting superheroes through space to various locations. Equipped with VTOL capability and turbojet engines, the jet was designed by the fictional Wakanda Design Group. Initially there were two of this highly specialized ultra-large built but during the reign of the New Avengers, three new models of Quinjets were made. Over the years the Quinjet has been modified and updated both in the comic books and the Marvel cinematic universe.

5. Black Beauty


Green Hornet, the masked crime-fighter’s technologically advanced car is called the Black Beauty. It’s usually driven by Kato, his chauffeur. In the 1966–1967 television series, the vehicle was shown equipped with fire explosives, knock-out gas, and secret infra-green headlights among other bad-ass equipments. After the series was over, an incredibly rich fan bought the Black Beauty used in the show for $10,000 USD and commissioned modification. In the 1940s and 1960s, two new versions of the Black Beauty were featured in the NOW comic series, one based on the Pontiac Banshee and the other on 11th generation Oldsmobile 98.

4. Batpod


One of the most recognisable vehicle or perhaps the most recognisable vehicle of comic book superheroes is the Batpod and the Batmobile. The Batpod is also sometimes called Batcycle or Batblade. It belongs to Batman, a DC comic superhero. In the DC universe, Batman had custom made the Batpod out of a street-bike. It had a 786 cc liquid-cooled V-4 engine, bulletproof wind-guard and a carburetor. The Batpod made its first appearance on TV in 1966. The most popular version of Batpod appeared in the films The Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012).The modern Batpod is armed with machine guns, cannon and a pair of rotating wheel that allows stability in sharp turns or other manoeuvres.

3. Time Sphere


This super cool vehicle is a time travelling device. It was used by a scientist named Rip Hunter and his men to travel through time. Inside this travelling vehicle the crew had things to help them in their journey like Encyclopedia of Time that assisted them to reach the correct place and time. The Time Sphere has been utilised by various other heroes Legion of Super-Heroes, Brainiac5 who also modified it a bit and created the Time Bubble. Later this amazing vehicle was kept hidden in a museum until it was stolen by Booster Gold who used it to travel back to the20th Century.

2. Invisible Plane


Another super cool gadget, the Invincible Plane was owned by the Wonder Woman. She used it to travel to long distance places. The plane was a gift from the Lansinarians. Unfortunately the plain that was a product of the Lansinarian Morphing Disk, that later became non-functional. As substitute, Batman gave a new jet to Wonder Woman, which though wasn’t as fabulous as the Invincible Plane but served her purpose.

1. Batmobile


Probably the most popular iconic vehicle owned by comic book superheroes, the Batmobile is an armoured fighting motor vehicle. It’s owned by the DC Comics superhero Batman. This giant powerful vehicle is equipped with everything you could imagine a superhero requires to save the world. The Batmobile made its debut in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939. The vehicle is custom made for transportation, hot pursuit, riot control and anti-tank warfare. Full of cool gadget, the Batmobile can be remotely operated as well. Over time, the vehicle has evolved. In its latest depiction in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of Batman films, the Batmobile is called the Tumbler.