10 Non-Human Graveyards

Non-human graveyards are basically dumping ground for non-living things. Here I’ve listed down mainly abandoned and forgotten vehicles. From rickshaws to tanks, all kinds of vehicle have an end of road; not all are recycled. Some end up in such scrap yards collecting dust for year. Here are 10 non-human graveyards.

10. Soviet Army Tank Graveyard (Afghanistan)


As a reminder of Afghanistan’s Communist regime in the 1980s, there lies a tank graveyard on the outskirts of the country’s capital Kabul. Following 10 years of war since the Soviet troops left Afghanistan in 1989, these tanks (except for a few) have been sitting idle. Built in the 60 and 70s, a few of these vehicles are being fixed and reused by the Afgan army to fight the Talibans.
It easy to travel in these tanks and its simple operative system has made it popular among soldiers. Still the sad truth is that only a handful of these tanks are workable whereas hundreds are needed to at the battlefield. Since the Afgan army repair the tanks with spare parts of other damaged tanks and not new one, these tanks are quick to breakdown.

9. Kaufdorf Graveyard (Switzerland)


In 2012, it was recorded that the number of people residing in the small village of Kaufdorf was 1098. The story goes that one of its residents named Walter Messerli took essential parts out of vehicles and left the empty shells in his land. A forest grew around the vehicles. When he retired in the 1970s there were hundreds of car resting in that forest. Messerli’s successor, his son followed his father’s footsteps, continued the business and added more car. When the graveyard reached a point where there were 1000 automobiles and 400 motorcycles, the government ordered a cleanup.

8.RAF Folkingham Graveyard (UK)


Regarded as Britain’s largest vehicle graveyard, it was originally an air base. The Royal Air Force (RAF) Folkingham opened in 1940 hosted the American and British forces during World War II. It closed down in the 1960s. Before transforming into one of Britain’s several abandoned wartime bases, the place was a testing track for British Racing Motors Formula One team. Today a lonely sight, the graveyard is packed with enormous rusting construction equipments and military vehicles. Towards the east of the base there is a forest where the bomb stores lies in abandonment. There are three missiles pads still intact at the base.

7.Otterburn Range Graveyard (England)

Opened in 1911, the place was once used as a gunnery range by the British military. During its heyday, the place used to be packed with thirty thousand soldiers each year coming to train at the facility. Today the range has a few lone targets standing and some dilapidated armoured vehicles and tanks. It also has a dummy airfield. Currently the Otterburn Range lies in the midst of a National Park. Outside of its perimeter posts carrying red flags to ward off curious explorers.

6.Sierra Nevada graveyard (US)


There is an army depot located at the Sierra Nevada range. There are over two thousand M-1 Abrams tanks collecting dust. They were left there not because the vehicles were at the last leg of their road but because of a conflict between the Congress and the Army. When asked what is the future of these precious vehicles, the Army informed that they had enough tanks to defend themselves and not enough budget to repair the dormant ones. Moreover since World War II, the US has been constantly producing tanks and nowadays looking ways to budget-cuts. It is believed that a pause in tank production will save the US around $3 million.

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5. Reliant Scimitar Graveyard (UK)

The Reliant Scimitar is classic sport cars manufactured between 1964 and 1986 by the British car manufacturer Reliant. The Reliant’s were famous for their small three-wheeled car called the Reliant Robin. After twenty two years of production, some of these beauties have ended up at a graveyard near the town of Ashbourne. These dozens of Scimitar car and car shells are a haven for classic car collectors and enthusiasts.

4.Kharkov Graveyard (Ukraine)


Previously it was the Kharkov armour repair facility. This broken abandoned facility lies 30 miles from the border. Now transformed into a silent graveyard, the place is filled with hundreds of soviet tanks ranged in lines for as far as the eye can see. Predominantly tanks like the T-80, T25s and T-64s are scattered over the place since the collapse of the Soviet Union. This military junkyard is in fact not easy to access. A photographer named Patvel Itkin had to go through months of security measures before gaining access to the place.

3.The Chatillon car graveyard (Belgium)


Near the small town of Chatillon there lies inside a forest a traffic jam that hasn’t moved for over 70 years. Lying there for so long has made the rusted skeletons a natural part of the forest with mosses and vines growing all over the cars. There are debates as to the history of the graveyard. Some believe it’s a regular car junkyard while some say it has got a romantic mysterious past. According to a legend, the car belonged to US soldiers during the World War II. The forest being a perfect hiding place they left their cars here in hopes that they’ll be back and reclaim the vehicles once they get the chance.

2.Ambulance Graveyard (US)


Located in the Mojave Desert, California, this ambulance graveyard is a sorry sight. A vehicle that rustles around in hopes of saving lives, reaches the leg of its own life and is left behind forgotten in a graveyard of junks. This particular cemetery is full of vintage ambulances with yellow stretchers inside its empty cabinets. There are also broken medical machines with wires hanging out. The vehicles at this graveyard are in good condition owing to being located at a safe place free from thieves and also due to the low humidity that prevails at the place.

1. Rickshaw Graveyard (Bangladesh)


A rickshaw is a passenger car found in Asian countries. The name was coined in 1887. It can be either be two wheeler or three wheeler. Initially there were only pulled rickshaws which over time transformed into cycle rickshaw. Today there are other forms of rickshaws available like the solar rickshaws, electric rickshaw and auto rickshaw.
Located in a hill in Mirpur, Dhaka there lies a mass of 15,000 rickshaws huddled together. Most of it are pulled or cycle rickshaw. Dhaka, home to over three million rickshaws at its peak witnesses a large number of accidents where these tiny vehicles get crushed. Most of the vehicles in this graveyard are such crushed hopeless ones.