10 Ridiculously Expensive Houses in the World

This article will cover most expensive houses in the world.They say just a quarter of love and humbleness is enough to make a house. Well, apparently not for everyone! Across the globe, in the midst of modest houses, there are number of houses which will blow your mind away, just b their look and more so by the amount of money it required to build them. So, here’s presenting 10 most richest houses in the world

10. 7 Upper Phillimore Gardens (US $128 Million)

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Located at London, this 10 bedroom mansion belongs to OlenaPinchuk, who is the daughter of Ukraine’s second president Leonid Pinchuk. She is the founder of ANTIAIDS foundation is the head of the supervisory board of StarLightMedia, which happens to be Ukraine’s biggest media group. This spectacular mansion boasts of a gym, an underground swimming pool, a cinema hall, a sauna room, and even a panic room.

9. Seven, The Pinnacle(US $155 Million)

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Located at Big Sky, Montana, USA, Seven, The Pinnacle is a property in the Yellowstone Club, which was co-founded by American real estate developer Tim Blixseth. Now, don’t worry about the cold weather. It has each floors heated, making anyone comfortable inside no matter how cold it is outside. Besides having inside and outside pools, gym, wine cellar, it also boasts of its own ski lift.

8. Hearst Castle (US $191 Million)

Hearst Castle

Located at California, USA, Hearst Castle was designed by American architect Julia Morgan for American newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst. Since his death, it has been maintained by the state and is part of the California Park System. It is now a tourist site too. This 27 bedroom castle has been used in the cult movie ‘The Godfather’. From Winston Churchill to John F. Kennedy, this palace has hosted some of the most influential figures in history. and considered to be one of the most luxurious houses in the world.

7. Palazzo di Amore (US $195 Million)

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Located in California, USA, this house was bought by American real estate mogul Jeff Greene at a price of US $35 Million, who spend the next several years renovating it and in the process, turned it into one of the most coolest houses ones available out there. He has listed it for sale at a price of US $191 Million, more than 5 times the price he bought it for. Palazzo di Amore has 12 bedrooms, including a 5000 square foot master suite, home theatre with a capacity of 50 people, 25 bathrooms, a garage having the capacity to park 24 cars, 150-person infinity pool, a tennis court, a 15,000 square foot entertainment center with bowling alley and 25 acres of grounds including a vineyard. The whole thing sits on an area of 53000 square foot.

6. Ellison Estate (US $200 Million)

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Located at California, USA, Ellison Estate is owned by American internet entrepreneur Larry Ellison, co-founder of Oracle. Ellison Estate is more of a compound than a house. This 23 acre estate has a man-made lake, a tea house, a bath house, a Koi pond, 10 buildings rock concert-sized video projector at one end of a drained swimming pool, among others! Whoop! To take a tour would make you tired!

5. Four Fairfield Pond (US $248.5 Million)

Four Fairfield Pond

Located at Sagaponack, New York USA, Four Fairfield Pond is owned by American businessman and investor Ira Rennert. This 29 bedroom house sits on 63 acres. It has 39 bathrooms, 2 tennis courts, a 91 feet long dining room, a bowling alley, a basketball court, to name a few.

4. Rutland Gate Mansion (US $436.5 Million)

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Located in London, UK, Rutland Gate Mansion has been put up on sale since the death of its owner, Sultan bin Abdulaziz, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, in 2011. This 45 bedroom house sits on an area of 60000 square feet. The house is slightly smaller than a football pitch. Among its many special features, are one bathroom which has gold attachments, a gold plated dressing table, 100 gold-plated tissue boxes, 41 chandeliers, etc., It was earlier owned by former Lebanese president Rafiq Hariri, who gave it as a gift to Sultan bin Abdulaziz

3. Villa Leopolda (US $750 Million)

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Located at Villefranche-sur-mer, France, this Cilla was built by King Leonard II in 1902 for his mistress. In 1988, it was bought by Lebanese banker Edmund Safra, who left it to his wife Lily Safra after his death in 1999. This villa which has 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, is situated on an area of 50 acres. And if you think this isn’t fancy enough, then hear this out! It has got a commercial greenhouse, helipad, outdoor kitchen, pool, and what not! IT was even used for shooting films such as “To Catch a Thief” and the “The Red Shoe”.

2. Antilia (US $1 Billion)

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Located at Mumbai, India, this 27 storey skyscraper is owned by India business tycoon MukeshAmbani, chairman of Reliance Industries Limited, India’s second most valuable company by market value. It is world’s most expensive house and is named after a mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean. Its high ceiling makes this 27 storey building equivalent to an average 60 storey building. It has been designed in a way that it can survive an 8-Richter scale earthquake. Beat that! Technology has indeed come a long way. Its garage can support 168 cars. It also has 3 helipads, a ballroom, a temple, gardens and a cinema hall that seats 50 people. It requires a staff of 600 people to maintain this building.

1. 1. Buckingham Palace (US $1.55 Billion)

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Located at Westminster, UK, Buckingham Palace is the residence and workplace for the reigning monarch of UK. It has a floor-space of 830000 square feet. IT has been serving as the official royal palace of the British monarch since the accession of Queen Victoria in 1837. Now, coming to some details of this mega mother house. It has a whopping number of 775 rooms, which includes 19 state rooms and 52 bedrooms, 88 staff rooms, 92 offices, and 78 bathrooms. To clean this house, it must take a beating out of someone.So its on top of the list of top 10 most richest houses in the world.