10 Weirdest Beverages in the World

If you feel proud while holding alcohol, chances are your every sip is full of snake extracts and scorpions. The same way, a tonic of three-day-old mice sounds irritating and none of us would like to give it a single try. With this in mind, here we are going to talk about 10 weirdest beverages in the world. Why they are weird? Just because they have been made with idiotic ingredients and their very first glimpse can lead you to have vomiting. Still some sounds delicious and tasty, while others are better to stay away from. Are they really worth a try? Have a glimpse of what they are made of before thinking to go for any.

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10. 10. Bird’s Nest Drink


Instead of making a nest out of twigs, certain species of birds are used for preparing bird’s nest drinks. This is mainly a drink that contains sticky saliva of swiftlets or eagles. This is hardened to a cement-hard woven cup, prized as a delicacy in China because of its so-called health advantages. Chinese claim that this drink enhances their immunity, keeps their liver and heart like organs strong to perform well.After washing to remove feathers and droppings, the nest looks naked; it is then mashed to obtain soft texture. Later on, sugar and artificial food flavour are added to it.

9.Placenta 10000 And Placenta-Pro


For the females who are always worried about aging, nothing is better than a placenta drink. The placenta supplies oxygen and essential nutrients to the unborn baby in the mom’s womb through the umbilical cord— which is rich of iron, vitamin B-12, and hormones. Giving this a try is said to increase energy of mother in not only a way that she gets flawless skin but also if she is breastfeeding. Whatsoever the ingredient or taste of this drink maybe, but the truth is ht can make you look bold and beautiful. This has peach-flavored jelly or is made from the placental extracts of horses to make it taste better.

8.Deer Penis Wine


Athletes are said to be habitual of using animal parts for improving their physical and mental performance. Back in 1990, Chinese track coach Ma Junren credited a series of world records to cocktails of turtle blood and caterpillar fungus. These days, there is much trend of using deer penis wine in order to stay fit and healthy. Some folks even claim that this has great healing power, but the drink was banned in the 2008 Beijing Olympic games because of its bizarre ingredients. Portions of this drink include deer penis extracts and sometimes it is added with blood.A special type of the beverage is made from the sex organs of dogs, seals, and other animals. People are of view that this is helpful to deal with asthma and other health problems.Thanks, but we would like to stick to herbal treatment.

7.Rainbow Beer


Japan’s Abashiri Brewery is widely popular for colourful wines including blue Ryuhyo Draft, red Hamanasu Draft, green Shiretoko Draft, and others. One among them is rainbow beer which is a bizarre beverage, served across Japan, and parts of Europe.It is brewed with water from the melted icebergs which annually float past Hokkaido’s northern beaches. Do not rely on the blue coloUr because the beverage tastes very bad. It contains extracts of several wild flowers, purple potatoes, and some other ingredients that can damage your blood circulatory system, regardless of whether the fans of this beverage believe it or not.

6.Kimchi Soda


The kimchi soda is another weird beverage. It is always good to leave it to the Japanese because for them this drink is amazing. It is rich in wasabi, kimchi, curry and teriyaki flavors, as well as less spicy, added by flavors like bubble gum, white champagne, lychee, blueberry and banana. Trust me a plain bottle of soda would rather be wonderful than kimchi soda. This usually comes in a marble glass and served with regular lunch and dinner deals at restaurants and fast food spots across Japan and several European countries. We do not recommend you think beverage because of the dangerous techniques used in its preparation.

5. Peruvian Frog Juice


Lake Titicaca in Peru, one of the highest navigable lakes, is hub of Telmatobius coleus, an ingredient used in rana y maca (“frog juice”), also called Peruvian frog juice.In many parts of the world, this beverage is highly loved.This is prepared with a live frog’s body parts. The belly of the frog is skinned and mashed with corns. Then bean broth, honey, aloe vera, and maca (an Andean root) are added to it. Unfortunately, the beverage is good for nothing. Its consumption is banned in several parts of America. According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, people are disturbing the entire ecosystem by capturing more and more frogs, which is directly impacting local attitudes and habits negatively.

4. Liquid Smoking


The liquid smoking is a beverage that looks mouth-watering but it is actually not. The drink is allegedly popular Netherlands, and was launched in UK for the first time back in 2008. People who love it are of view that it is helpful for smokers beat their addiction, and provides their body with instant energy.
United Drinks’ CEO Martin Hartman once reported that this product contains no nicotine but it has craving-fighting effects because of including South African plant roots.For the beverage lovers, it is a refreshing drink, containing 21 calories per 275 ml can. This is criticized because it do has nicotine as well as extracts of cigarettes

3.BustUp Drink

Kinohimitsu J'pan Bust Up Drink

Now comes another weird beverage which is again popular among Japanese. Bustup drink purports to enlarge breasts without surgical methods or medicines. It is given preference as a home remedy to deal with dull, sagging and shrunken breasts caused by deficient growth, aging, menopause, and other physical complications. Talking about the ingredients, the beverage contains the roos of Pueraria mirifica (also known as Kwao Krua Kao), a tuberous plant that has phytoestrogens, used for more than three decades in Thailand as a folk remedy to deal with menopause-related hot flashes and night sweats. The manufacturers, however, claim that it has nothing but water, fructose and concentrated fruit juices (green papaya, apple and peach), vitamins, and honey.

2.Panda Dung Tea


The panda dung tea has made its prominent place in the hearts of tea and coffee lovers across the world.This is prepared with panda body parts. The tea is sold in a limited edition of 21 50-gram (1.7oz) packages. It is mainly exported from Hong Kong. Why we hate this beverage is because people claim that it contains animal feces, making panda poo tea both nutritious and delicious—but it can never be an alternative to widely used tea bags or coffee.

1.Cow Water


Cow water has today topped our list. The reason is its most bizarre ingredients. This has been a part of Indian culture and people name it ‘gau jal’. Hindus have long worshiped cows and consider them their gods. A cow’s urine and feces are used for curing ailments ranging from liver complaints to diabetes and cancer.The folks believe that cow water heals many of their complications. They enjoy drinking it regardless of how badly it smells.This weird beverage, unfortunately, has started appearing in US markets as well as in Italy, where it is sold as “acqua di vacca.”