10 Weirdest Foods in the World

Many dishes like fried brains, puffin hearts, and drunken shrimps are said to be delicious by some people in the world. Another group of individuals, however, name such eatables to be bizzare food in the world , which means they consider these dishes are good for nothing.
If you include some strange ingredients in the lunch or dinner deal, chances are that your meal would be equivalent to a nightmare for a foreigner.

10. Stuffed Camel


Have you ever tried the stuffed camel? The recipe as a whole reads like a bad joke because of its strange ingredients: one whole camel, two whole lambs, and 40 whole chickens. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, this meal contains the largest ever items.The dish can be difficult to digest for those who are pure vegetarians.For several people across Europe and America, the stuffed camel is a traditional Bedouin dish which is prepared just like Russian Stacking Dolls.In it, the camel is stuffed along with chickens and lambs, as well as spices.This is usually served with boiled eggs and rice. The shear amount of food created by this dish has made it deserving to be in this list.

9. Hakarl


Here is another strange and difficult to eat dish. Anthony Bourdain has always been known to eat some strange foods. Anthony has claimed that the hakarl is a highly disgusting thing he ever tried.It is made of a Greenland or Basking shark, which is fermented for three to four months before hakarl is prepared.This is a pure Icelandic food that has much smell of ammonia, which is why many people would love to stay away from it.This is, however, available for purchase in several stores and food points of Iceland.

8. Fugu


The word ‘Fugu’ has come from Japanese dictionary, which means poisonous puffer fish.This has been served in the form of meal having enough poison tetrodotoxin, making it quite lethal.Only specially trained and experienced chefs are able to prepare this meal. No individual is allowed to try this as you have to pass official tests.Eating the Fugu causes tingling sensations on the tongue and your lips may turn to pale.

7. Casu Marzu


Served and liked in the city of Sardinia in Italy, casu marzu is a not-to-try food.This is actually a type of cheese that is prepared with insect larvae. The larvae and several adult insects are added to the cheese for fermentation.At a point, its taste and color totally change, making the cheese look like bubble.Studies have proved that the presence of larvae break down the fats of cheese.Be careful because the larvae can stuck your teeth when you enjoy this dish. It is may be the reason that many people prefer to brush their teeth after they have enjoyed a spoonful of the casu marzu.

6. Sannakji


It is known to everyone of us that sashimi and sushi are readily available in all parts of the world. Eating them in the form of sannakji is a bizarre experience.Those who want to eat raw food should try this Korean dish.It is quite different as the seafood isn’t quite dead. It contains alive baby octopus which are properly sliced up and are seasoned with olive oil and castor oil before serving.The tentacles, on the other hand, are not removed from the dish, and are served as such.You have to chew them properly because if the tiny suctions stick to the mouth, this dish can prove to be dangerous.

5. Balut


The baluts seem to be very strange because of the reason that live octopus is served in Korean style.It accompanies the fertilized duck or chicken egg with an embryo that is properly boiled and cooked in spices before plating.Eating the shell can be tough if you have weak teeth.The balut is commonly enjoyed in the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam. People use to buy it from the street vendors at reasonable costs.This either is cooked with duck egg or chicken. Often the broth contains bird’s feathers.

4. Fried – brain sandwiches


Years before the times of Mad-Cow Disease, a sandwich was served containing fried calves’ brain. It was thinly sliced on brown bread, and was a part of menus of hotels and restaurants in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.Still today, the fried brain sandwiches are available in parts of America, especially in the Ohio River Valley, where the brain is properly cooked to turn it to the form of paste before serving on hamburger buns.On the other hand in El Salvador and Mexico, beef brains, called sesos in Spanish, are used in breakfast, along with toast and tea.This has little taste and light flavor, so many people add copious amounts of hot sauces before enjoying it.


3. Haggis


The haggies is a traditional Scottish dish. It is made with minced hearts, liver, lungs, and other body parts of goat or sheep.These ingredients are properly cooked with onions, spices, oatmeal, salt, stock, and lemon juice.
The cooking starts by boiling the stomach of sheep/goat (whatever you like) for several hours so that it is softened properly.Larousse Gastronomique, a popular encyclopedia of gastronomic delights, has claimed that haggis is a flavorful dish, but for many it is nothing more than a weird and not-to-taste meal.Haggis is available in almost all food markets of Scotland.Some of its types are even sold in cans and can be heated before you eat.

2. Bugs


The ‘bugs’ dish is one of the best practices for eating insects.It is commonly served at food points in Europe and North America (bugs have been a favorite of TV show “Fear Factor”).Vendors sell fried grasshoppers, crickets, scorpions, spiders and worms on the streets of Bangkok, London, California, and other.The fans of this dish view that it is full of vitamins, proteins, and other essential nutrients.Often this bizzare dish is served with chocolate chip cookies which is purposed to double its so-called taste.

1. Rocky Mountain Oysters

There are many things strange about oysters when you think of including them in your meal.Giving the dish of oysters a fancy name is not enough. The rocky mountain oyster dish includes deep-fried testicles of buffalo, bull or boar. It is also called Prairie Oysters.This bizarre meal is enjoyed in the United States, and Canada, generally in areas where cattle ranching is not allowed.The dish is served along with a number of sauces, fried rice, French fries, and mixed vegetables/fruits salad. This list consist of the top 1o bizzare food in the world