10 Weirdest Town For Newly Weds

Wedding season is at its peak; bride and groom feel happy when they listen to the wedding bells ringing. Couples take their vows before God as they are going to start a totally new life. Immediately after the ceremony is over, the newlyweds plan to start their family, but before this they go for honeymoon. If you have been dreaming of Austin, London, Switzerland, and other such places, you should bear in mind that enjoying time in all cities/towns can make no sense.Looking for the best place to settle down after you and your partner tie the knot? You can definitely find such a spot online but do not forget to exclude these 10 weirdest towns for newlyweds. As you god about your daily life, it would be easier to forget about these places because they are not worth your investment of time and money.

10. Coober Pedy

The name of coober pedy has come from the local Aboriginal term kupa-piti, which means “white man’s hole”. This small and strange town is present in the Australian outback, about 850 km north of Adelaide. It dates back from 1915 and is one of the ancient towns in the world. Usually it is good for family trips. People from Europe and America flock to the area but for newlyweds it has least attractions. The first reason it is a weird place is that the temperature often reaches 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the inhospitable climate, residents prefer to live in caves, so there are less residential facilities for tourists. Apart from that, it has some underground churches, stores, galleries—which are too tough to reach. What makes it a good place is the presence of award-winning Desert Cave Hotel, which is the only spot you can book accommodation but the costs here are high.

9. Chefchaouen, Northern Morocco


Chefchaouen is a stunning town of northeastern Morocco. It is capable to delight tourists because of its affordable accommodation facilities. It is set against the dramatic backdrop of the Rif mountains and has some buildings present in older part of the town. It is made beautiful by the Jewish refugees who lived there during the 1930s. for newlyweds it is weird in a way that this is miles away from the center of the city. There are chances that you would have lack of facilities and the top notch residential services you dream about during honeymoon. The town, however, is famous because of proximity to Tangier and the Spanish enclave of Ceuta. Here there are more than 150 hotels, but finding the right accommodation is tough because of town’s massive popularity.

8. Colma


Colma, CA, is an ancient town that became a necropolis after San Francisco passed an ordinance in 1900. It exists since early 19th century, and has much to offer to the visitors. The city of Lawndale was incorporated in 1924 after the Association of Cemeteries. To be honest, this has nothing more than some historical buildings, museums, and churches. Colma has 17 cemeteries and is the smallest city in San Mateo county. It is a place with not more than 2000 residents. Its “City of Souls” and “City of the Silent have earned it somewhat better repute.

7. The Catacombs (Paris)


The Parisian catacombs are a giant ossuary and cemetary of Paris. These are present beneath the city streets, and are around 6 million in number. Here there is a city of dead. For newlyweds, honestly speaking, this is not to be explored because it has not any colors of life so can make you feel unhappy. The Mütter Museum, however, is the only institution that you can visit here. This houses organs, bones, fetuses and statues that have lived here over the years. The medical oddities, anatomical and pathological specimens, wax models, and antique medical equipment are not of any interest for you when you plan a honeymoon.

6. Mt. Oyama


After the 2000 eruption of Mt. Oyama, located 110 miles south of Tokyo, the 2800 residents of Miyake-jima Island should be carrying gas mask with them all the times. Because of this reason, you should not plan to visit this spot with your beloved. Residents of this town spend lives in danger. Mt. Oyama was an active volcano and remained alive during 20th century. Above the earth, there is a plain, thin crust which is used to walk on. Because of so much eruption involved, this beautiful looking town should be stayed away from. What makes it nice is the unusual way of life. People give preference to lifestyle full of thrills and adventures. Swimming, hiking, diving, and fishing are some of the activities for tourists and local residents.

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5. Slab City

Slab City

If you want to get away from hustle and bustle then the Slab City is a leading spot. Head east from Los Angeles to the desert, then towards the southern side of the Salton Sea to reach this spot. For newly married couples, here there are fewer attractions. It is inhabited by RV users and squatters from across America. People here are aggressive in nature, but at the same time we cannot forget the beauty and charm of the town. In summers, temperature reaches 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This has residents not more than 200.Some “Slabbers” come to the area just to live off the grid, while others are living off of government subsidies. There are no town services, no electricity, no transpiration, and no sewers, so what would you be doing here—absolutely

4. FKowloon Walled City


Kowloon walled city has been holding the record of the most densely populated place in the world. It is a small valley in Hong Kong that was demolished in 1994, and has the highest population density of human beings. It has approximately 33,000 to 50,000 people. In the presence of so many individuals, this city is not going to fit your requirements when you have to go for honeymoon. This was founded as a Chinese military fort during 16th century. After World War II, it was announced to be a dangerous town .This town has long seen rises in construction in the 1960s and ’70s. The residents suffer due to lack of safety equipment, security services, and crime rate is extremely high.

3.City of Cairo


The City of Cairo has extreme lack of facilities. It has an efficient garbage collecting system. The residents of Manshiyat Nasser have filled the void successfully for 70 years. This is a slum city, not suitable when you plan to go with your life partner. First of all, it is a city of 60,000 inhabitants. Here there are more garbage collectors than the facilities which are said to be provided to the tourists. The lives of Manshiyat Nasser’s inhabitants are full of problems. Government has been neglecting this area for many years.

2. Lily Dale


The hamlet of Lily Dale is home to some of the largest spiritualist communities of the world. While this town is home to 25,000 people, and approximately 20000 tourists visit here, this is still not a good fit for married couples. It offers private apartments, luxury resorts, honeymoon sweets at very high prices. Like most towns, Lily Dale has all basic facilities of life. There are coffee shops, nightclubs, restaurants, and a couple of gift shops which can make your shopping experience restricted.

1.The Villages


We welcome you to the Villages which is a large gated retirement community in the world. It is home to over 100,000 people most of which are over age 55.It is a fast growing metropolitan area in the US, which is why it is hard for newlyweds to enjoy quality time here. This is mostly a town of the idyllic retirement community, present beneath the tranquil surface. The place, however, has no short of natural beauty. It has many nightclubs, and here the illegal use of drugs and doing drunken driving is a part of life of people.