12 Things Women with Short Hair Are Tired Of Listening To

In a world obsessed with appearances, one’s outer looks is subjected to constant scrutiny which can give the person who judges university papers a run for his/her/hir money. Anyone and everyone who defies patriarchy’s set of rules would testify to this. Among many who are judged for their appearances are women with short hair. They are constantly facing what I call an endless stretch of nightmare full of dreadful questions and statements. So, today, I dedicate this article to all those ladies out there who donned short hair, and by default, gave others the next big thing to talk about. So, here’s presenting the 13 things women with short hair are tired of listening to.


12. Excuse Me, Sir!


Who hasn’t faced that? Aahhh! Everytime you are in a shop or in a restaurant, you can find people screaming this 101 annoying phrase!

11. Did you just have a bad break-up?


Sadly for you, I am mature enough to not depend on a hair-cut for dealing with my break-up.

10. So, Who Has Shorter Hair? You or Your Dad?


Wow! Is that the greatest joke you ever cracked! Why don’t you audition for Last Comic Standing! Oh! No, you can’t. For that, you need to be funny!

9. Oh! You Look So Intellectual!


Well that’s because I am one! With and without long hair!

8.Wait, You couldn’t handle maintaining long hair, right?


You know what? I can handle longhair, but what I cannot handle is people like you who lose their sleep over my hair and who make it the biggest mission of their life as to find out the reason behind me cutting my hair short. And you know what is the funny thing! I have no reasons to make my hair short! Now, you can burn!

7.So, You’re Into Sports, right?


Just because I have short hair that means I’m into sports? Otherwise I wouldn’t have? Oh! I see! So, does that mean every long haired girl is into beauty pageants?


6. So, You Must Take Zero Time to get Ready Now, right?


Actually not. Everytime before stepping out of home, I have to be prepared with answers that random people like you would ask me when they see my short hair. So, it actually takes the same time.

5. Whoa! You look like a Radical Feminist!


I actually don’t have to rely on my hair to become a feminist. I have my free thinking and brain for that matter!

4. So, You’re Trying To Be Different!


You never cease to surprise me as to how quickly you are to judging people! Now get out of my before I decide to shove my spiked hair onto your heart and bleed you to death!

3. You now get to Save Money from Hair Products


What made you assume that I used to spend money before on my long hair? Also why do you think that short hair doesn’t require hair products?

2. Your Family/Boyfriend let you do this?


No, my family disowned me and my boyfriend broke up with me!
Is that the answer you were looking for?

1.Is This Your way of Covering a Hairfall Problem?


Wow! Are you always so ignorant or today is International Ignorance Day?