The 10 Largest Hospitals in the World

In our countdown of largest hospitals in the world, we travel across the globe in finding out which 10 hospitals make it to this list. Hospitals have come a long way from past and are no less than an architecture delight nowadays. It’s not only the doctors and disease curbing facilities that a hospital provides make it biggest nowadays, but it’s also the grandeur that is taken into consideration. So, today, let us take a look at .

10 Largest Medical Centres in the World

10.City Hospital, No. 40 (Russia)
Moscow biggest medical center

Coming in at number 10 is City Hospital, No. 40, located at Saint Petersburg in Russia. It was founded in 1748 with a 50 bed infirmary. It was in the 1960s that the hospital began expanding. By the 1970s, it had 680 beds. So far, more than 250,000 patients have received rehabilitation treatment in the hospital. On an annual basis, 20,000 patients receive treatment in the hospital. Among many specialities that the hospital offers, some are gynaecology, traumatology, vascular surgery, orthopedics, neurology, etc.

9.Auckland City Hospital (New Zealand)
auckland surgery

Founded in 1846, Auckland City Hospital comes at number 9 and is one of the largest medical centres in the world. It is situated in Auckland, New Zealand. It has 710 beds and 3500 rooms. The hospital’s emergency department alone provides treatment for more than 55,000 patients annually. The current structure of the hospital is situated on an area of 75,575 m². It is currently an amalgam of four hospitals – adult care, child care, cardio-thoracic care and maternity and new-born.

8. St. George’s Hospital (UK)
largest hospitals in the world

Situated in London, UK, St. George’s Hospital comes at number 8 on this list. When it comes to the biggest hospitals in the world, it is one of the Europe’s most noteworthy hospitals. Founded in 1733, the hospital currently has 1300 beds. It provides general tertiary care for older people and children, however since it is a major acute hospital, it also provides care in neurology, accidents, stroke, cancer care, renal transplantation, etc.

7. Jackson Memorial Hospital (USA)
American biggest pharmacy

Founded in 1918, Jackson Memorial Hospital is located in Florida, USA and comes at number 7 on our list of 10 largest and modern hospitals in the world. Currently, there are 1,550 beds in the hospital. It has got a number of affiliated universities associated with it, like he University of Miami, Florida International University and the Ross University School of Medicine. It offers treatment to 70,000 patients every year. Also, every year, more than 400 transplants takes place in the hospital.

6.Hospital das Clinicas da Universidade de Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Hospital das Clinicas da Universidade de Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Coming in at number 6, Hospital das Clinicas da Universidade de Sao Paulo is the biggest hospital in South America. It stands on an area of 352,000 square metres and was founded in 1944. It currently has 2,200 beds. The hospital has many institutions, like psychiatry institute, radiology institute, children’s institute, heart institute, among others.

5.New York-Presbyterian Hospital (USA)
New York-Presbyterian Hospital (USA)

Coming in at number 5, the New York-Presbyterian Hospital in New York, USA was founded in 1771 as New York hospital, and then changed to Presbyterian Hospital in 1868, and finally changed to New York-Presbyterian Hospital in 1998. It has 2,478 beds. It is also the largest private employers in New York City and one of the world’s busiest hospitals.

4.Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (China)
Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (China)

Next up at number 4 on this list is the Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in our list. Located in Beijing, China, this hospital employs more than 1,300 people, out of which 150 are highly ranked medical specialists. What makes this hospital unique among the other hospitals on this list is the fact that it relies on traditional Chinese medicines in its treatment.

3.Ahmedabad Civil Hospital (India)
india biggest center

Coming in at number 3 on this list is Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, which is located in Ahmedabad, India and was founded in 1953. It is the largest medical centre in Asia. On a yearly basis, 26,000 surgeries and 6500 deliveries takes place in the hospital ever year. It stands on an area of 110 acre of land. It has currently 2,800 beds. Every year more than 600,000 outdoor patients are treated here and 70,000 patients are admitted here.

2.Clinical Center of Serbia (Serbia)
World busiest hospital

With more than 7,500 employees, Clinical Center of Serbia comes at number 2 on this list. It is located in Beograd, Serbia. There are 3,500 beds available in the hospital and ha 28 institutions, including 11 institutions of surgery. Every year 30,000 surgical operations takes place in the hospital. Clinical Center of Serbia was established in 2001. The hospital also serves as the teaching center for infection control in the country.

1. Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital (South Africa)
World laregst hospital

Coming in at number 1, Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital is the largest hospitals in the world. It is located in Johannesburg, South Africa and was founded in 1941. Standing on an area of 170 acres, it has 3,200 beds and 6,760 staff members. Believe it or not, more than 2,000 check into the hospital’s specialised clinics and out-patient departments daily. The word ‘Baragwanath’ means ‘Wheaten bread’ in Cornish. This African hospital has come a long way to become the largest hospitals in the world.

Hospitals today are more than just a place for getting treated. Modern facilities, safety and staffs, among many other aspects contribute towards the evaluation of a hospital. They serves as one of the architectural canvas for modern architecture these days. Also, it’s not only the number of beds or area size that has given a spot to these hospitals on the list, but it’s also the ability to provide advanced medical facilities to the people and the competency and hospitality of the staffs. After all, a hospital is as good as its people