Top 10 European countries to visit in winter

With the arrival of winters, everyone is looking for the finest places to enjoy holidays. You must be ready to have fun filled snow and sunless weeks. For the tourists, Europe has some of the most remarkable spots where they can find lingering sunshine or spend lovely moments in the cozy café culture. During winter, arrival of Christmas is another fantastic opportunity to visit grand metropolises and charming villages. With all this in mind, we have a roundup for you of Top 10 Winter destinations in Europe.

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10. Spain (especially Andalucía)

Top 10 Winter destinations in Europe

Spain itself has many amazing tourist attractions but what you need to visit here is Andalucía. Parts of Andalucía are present in the southern side of African coast. Here the temperature remains mild during winter season. For the tourists, Spain offers luxurious and affordable accommodation services. Most of cities and villages of this country have lesser crowd, so it is a golden chance for you to enjoy the moments as per your desires. The top attractions are Granada’s Alhambra or Seville’s cathedral, nightlight, tapas, and much more.

9. Slovakia (especially Jasná)


Slovakia is known to offer excellent quality of skiing facilities that come at reasonable prices. It is by the whole an interesting tourist attraction but you should not miss to go to Jasna. Accommodation and food are reasonably priced. The overall environment of this European spot is very relaxing. Spend leisure moments at the snootier Alpine slopes. Jasná is the best Slovakian resort having descents flanked by snow-laden spruce trees, and is present in the adorable Tatras Mountains.

8. Romania (especially Transylvania)


For anyone who is interested to go to Europe, Romania is indeed an ideal choice. Visit Transylvania on a winter day and you can expect to be welcomed by the sun shining with its full brightness. Do not worry because the weather is not going to be too hot. Give a try to steel-grey skies, bare trees and smatterings of snow that look very charming. Braşov and Sighişoara are about two hours drive apart from each other. Romania has several medieval towns and green valleys that attract our attention.

7. Finland (especially Rovaniemi)


Spending Christmas holidays in Finland is an ideal option. Rovaniemi is one of official terrestrial residential places of Finland. If you want to enjoy excellent nightlife, there is no better option. This land of Europe never sleeps. The atmosphere is friendly enough to make each and every moment of your stay special. Snow and reindeer add festive spirit, and the Arktikum museum is known to give insight of the life at the latitude.

6. Sweden (especially Abisko)

 tourist best European cities for winter break

Sweden is a lovely and one of most popular tourist best cities for winter break. In the northern Europe you can easily get on a train to reach Abisko. It is an amazing spot for winter lovers. Here the sun during winter season does not rise for many days, and this especially happens during the months of December and January. It is one of world’s most majestic and magical spots for newlyweds. Some of the major attractions are aurora borealis, cross-country skiing, national parks, and others.

5. Greece (especially Athens)


To enjoy stress-free and best winter vacations in Europe . you should check most cultural and traditional European country, Greece is a fantastic and remarkable choice. This country has so much to offer to international tourists. Life in Greece is both fun-filled and enjoyable. The environment here is friendly and people are cooperative. Air pollution in Athens of Greece is next to none. It is one of the remarkable laces of the world to explore ancient heritage and museums.

4. Denmark (especially Copenhagen)


For fairytale  Europe,s best winter gateways , Denmark’s Copenhagen can be your ultimate choice. It is home to many restaurants, affordable suites and hotels, delicious food items, cozy bars, cafes, museums, and lots more. This Europe’s lovely place is known to have the 19th-century Tivoli amusement park which gives message of being romantic and friendly with everyone. You can splash out for a dinner deal at Noma.

3. Germany and Australia (especially Christmas markets)

 Best places to visit in winter

Germany and Australia are among the well developed and populated countries. December and January see lots of romance in the special Christmas markets. These are popular all over Germany and other Central European nations. Here there is much to buy, and an interesting thing is that the prices of items are usually reasonable.

2. Hungary (especially Budapest)


Couples can be seen enjoying time and skating hand-in-hand, breathing cloudy in the frosty air of Hungary. Here Budapest is a lovely spot. It has picturesque central park Városligeti Műjégpálya, offering you lots of interesting outdoor activities. So, if you feel chilled and do not want to go out, Hungary’s hotel rooms are comfortable enough to make you feel special. Budapest is widely known for the ornate thermal baths

1. Italy (especially Venice)

 Italy Venice

In Italy, Venice is favorite of many of us. This European country is best to visit during the months of January and February. It brings life to your boring days. Here winter season brings special events, costumed dance performances, excellent nightlife experience, and hustle and bustle on the streets. So, you would hardly have the chance to feel bored and tired.This list compromises of best European cities to visit in winter .

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