Top 10 Secret Places to Visit in London

London is a city full of opportunities, entertainment, and amazing lifestyle. It is not less than a dream comes true for an international person to spend some days in this European city. Can you tell the names of secret places of the world? Well, in London, there are several of them which have long been unspotted by the adventure lovers. Below is a list of top 10 secret places to see in London. These include beautiful buildings, cemeteries, and others. The best thing it there is absolutely no cost applied on visitors in terms of entrance ticket. So, if you are tired of the science museums, Buckingham Palace, and other common spots, do not forget to pay a visit to best hidden London attractions . We can say with confidence that you will enjoy time.


10. Hyde Park Pet Cemetery


The Hyde Park Pet Cemetery is located in Victoria Gate Lodge’s Garden on Bayswater Road and behind Hyde Park’s iron gates. This is where many beautiful pets of London are resting. It was during 18th century when the lodge keeper, Mr. Winbridge, permitted Mr. and Mrs. J. Lewis Barned to bury their beloved dog named Cherry within the premises of this park. Since then there have had been many pets buried. We, as tourists, must pay some fee for keeping this place protected from flood.

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9. Eltham Palace

Temporarily used for contact details: The Engine House, Fire Fly Avenue, Swindon, SN2 2EH, United Kingdom, Tel: 01793 414600, Email:, Website:

You must be familiar with London’s Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, but a palace is hiding from the eyes of many in this city and considered London Best secret places. Can you tell the name? Well, it is none other than Eltham Palace, sitting right in Greenwich. The palace was built during the times of Edward II in 1305 and used through Henry VIII era. Over the centuries, it has undergone several reconstructions, and the amazing thing is that it has still kept its pride and beauty maintained. It was restored during 19th century to give it art deco style.

8.Davenports Magic Shop


If you are looking for the secret magical entrance to Diagon Alley, Davenports is where you can be. But this shop definitely requires you to search a lot. Let me help you. It is present under Charing Cross Station and appears dimly lit to casual observers, making them feel that it is closed. The store has professional magicians who are there for helping magic enthusiasts fulfill their adventure-related requirements.

7. Pollock’s Toy Museum

The Pollock’s Toy Museum is housed in a pair of old Georgian Townhouses. It is a few minutes away from the British Museum. Have you ever been able to be at the Pollock’s Toy Museum? If the answer is ‘no’, then you must give it a try. It presents dedication to the historical toys, wooden pieces, board games, puppets, doll houses, as well as models. It has some of the most ancient toys of human history, the one being an old mouse of around four thousand years old.

6.Cockney Cash Machines

It never sounds unusual to locate a cash machine, but Cockney Cash Machines are still not easy to approach in London. These are five very special places of the city, allowing you to cash out the money by selecting between English and Cockney. As per Ron Denelvo of the Bank Machine Company, around twenty percent customers opt for Cockney when prompted.

5. Secret Cinema


The Secret Cinema is an interesting spot for those who want to get entertained with something unique. Here you have to buy a ticket but you never know which movie you are going to watch. Isn’t that amazing? Tickets are actually sold at and then the organizers tell you where the show is going to held. So, are you ready for the Secret Cinema? Hope you will enjoy!



The Gingerline is a restaurant that works exactly like the Secret Cinema. Here you also buy tickets from a site named and show up where the organizers will be telling you to go. Somewhere in East London you can expect to be at a mysterious place. Those who have nothing special to do must give it a single try as this is going to be wonderful.

3.La Bodega Negra


Hidden in a sex shop, you will be walking in a gimp suit downwards into a basement where a strange-looking Mexican restaurant is present. Let me make the location clearer. It is present in Leicester between Old Compton Street and Moor Street. Its café portion is on Moor Street and is open for lunch.

2. Big Ben


Many of you will think that the name “Big Ben” is of a clock tower. Am I right? Well, the fact is the Big Ben is a nickname of the Great Bell in Elizabeth Tower of the Palace of Westminster. Here there is much to explore and get entertained with. So far around 10, 0000 people have been able to find this place.

1. Chislehurst Caves


You guessed it absolutely right. 22 miles of caves are existing under the heart of London Town. It was in 1903 when William Nichols theorized that they are of Druid, Roman, and Saxon origin. There are many theories associated with this amazing London secret spots. It used to be one of the music venues back in 1960, and has seen concerts of David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and others. It is open for public from 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM.So do not forget to visit this London secret sights.